Disgusting local foods


Inspired by the various food-related arguments we’ve been having lately, I decided to go the opposite direction and race you to the bottom.

This is surströmming. Translated it would be sour herring. It is fermented herring that is kept just on the edge of being rotten for at least six months, and usually about a year. The Japanese have studied it and come to the conclusion that opening a can of this shit is among the most pungent food odors in the world. A German food critic supposedly said that the trick to eating it is to vomit after the last bite, rather than the first. The fermentation process is sometimes so extreme the cans just spontaneously explode, which has caused certain airlines to ban travelers from having cans of surströmming in their luggage. A German landlord kicked a tenant out for opening a can indoors, and won in court when he opened a can in the courtroom to prove how horrible the smell was and that he was not just culturally insensitive. For some reason, there are people who go nuts for this shit, despite the fact it smells like someone died of something related to explosive diarrhea and then stewed in it for a year or so.

This is a challenge, SRK. Show me your local cuisine can produce anything worse.


Turn in your Swede card and migrate to Denmark :mad:


Your gonna out perform Americans in this thread without even trying, most Americans aren’t brave enough to try food they haven’t eaten since their childhood.


Dude, we have scientific data that proves it smells worse than actual shit! I have no idea what compelled ancient Swedes to eat that shit (though I would guess fungi or copious amounts of alcohol would be involved) but when you have scientists go “the readings indicate this smells like rancid butthole” you probably shouldn’t be putting it in your mouth.

At least Denmark just has disgusting sausages, chocolate on sandwiches and over-hyped beer.



Looking though this article of the most disgusting food in America by State, we got nothing

My home of Maryland got Ham stuffed with Greens, it’s not even that offensive.
I think the 2 nastiest on the list is Geoduck and St. Louis style Pizza (Fuck Missouri).
People from Vermont just want to die, Hello Vermont its called Pasteurization, learn what the fuck it means.


dont you mean most americans just eat the same foods since childhood?

i know GROWN ASS ADULTS who still dont go past chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese


youre a good man. you have replaced joshkaz on my list


Is this complement or insult?

And I say Fuck Missouri as I been there, I though that the deep south had rednecks, No go Midwest.
There are legit businesses when I been their last that was located off dirt roads Dukes of Hazard style, so backwatter that they read the obituaries on FM radio.


bro im going to one of those towns tomorrow to try and see my oldest daughter from her CLiNT of a mother. i know all about that shitty state unfortunately, lived there for 3 years.

not to derail this thread


Yeah nothing beating Kecka with fermented fish from Hades.
Surströmming is worst than Quizno’s Large Tuna Melt by lightyears.

Here is a video of Americans attempting to eat this stuff


We definitely don’t have anything that can beat surströmming’s smell, but luckily Filipino food can get disgusting in lots of other ways.

This is buro, or more specifically burong baboy. Roughly translated it means pork kept in storage for a long time (buro is a verb that I don’t think has an English counterpart). It’s literally pork that’s stored in a dark damp place and allowed to rot for months, then eaten. I believe it evolved from a certain ethnic tribe here whose solution to the problem of food preservation was “fuck it, let it rot”. The picture doesn’t lie; it’s sometimes enjoyed with all the maggots in it. Some people clean the buro and cook it before eating, but it’s eaten raw most of the time. Some people pick out the maggots, some leave them in.

I think most people are already aware of balut, so I wanted to bring up something new.



Post some of your “food” bro…You got this in the bag!


Damn Epi beat me to the punch





Grilled steak and veggies

Homemade arepa topped with sauteed shrimp, veggies, and fresh mozzerella

Homemade panini bread with homemade fresh mozzerella, broccoli rabe sauteed in garlic, and grilled chicken marinated over night in lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and italian herbs

Chicken breast sauteed with garlic, ginger, thai red chili paste, onions, basil, and deglazed with organic shoyu sauce and oyster sauce over rice which was infused with star anise, cloves, cardamom pods, cinammon stick, and bay leaves


looks gross, zoo.


Zoolander’s cooking should be a crime against nature.


His mum can cook tho.


The hell you talking about Zoo, did you read the theme of this thread? Did you read the OP?
This stuff actually looks good.