Dishing Out Mad Ownage w/Non-Projectile SF Chars. Thread (Any SF game)


Lots of SF players love to use fighters that have some sort of projectile (Ryu/Ken Akuma’s Hadoken, Charlie/Guile’s Sonic Boom). I’ll admit that I love to fire off hadokens like crazy, but some of my favorite fighters use no projectiles at all such as Guy and Blanka. I suppose many don’t choose non-projectile based fighters because they tend to be more close range fighters. Being able to fire off some sort of fire ball is a nice advantage to have. This thread is for tips for fighters that don’t use projectiles.

BTW, does Bison’s psycho crusher count as a projectile?


That’s not neccessarily true. Good SF players don’t just sit there and fire off fireballs with there characters (with the exception of sagat). Throwing out hadokens like crazy could get u killed quick from a dizzy combo. Projectiles are usually used to bait something, trap, or punish a long range mistake. U have to think b4 throwing a fireball


Oh I know. No good SF player would just sit back and throw fire balls. I’m just trying to encourage tips and strategies for fighters that don’t use projectiles. :slight_smile:



Some consider Blanka’s rolling attack a projectile attack somewhat but not really but I love using him but u kinda gotta set-up thins around it. He’s best in Super Turbo as far as the SF2 series but u’ll need a CVS or Alpha person to define in those regions.

The fierce rolling attack is the best since its basically the fastest and strongest. Every now u gots to psycho the oopponent out with a jab rolling attack this can set cha up for a Head-Bite or u can snuff them with a possible crouching fierce or Amazon River Dash (down-toward + fierce) his crouching fierce is made to be abused. Everynow and then its good to turtle by crouching and charging and make ya opponent play the thinkin game in which roll you’ll use. Ther Vertical Roll is best used as anti-air if the opponent comes in for a jump-in and ya cornered, u dont wanna get comboed or trapped. The Step-Back Roll is a bit different. U wanna use it most to set-up into crouching fierces and to go over fireballs. But dont abuse over the fireballs or else they’ll catch and uppercut ya. The electricity should be used sparingly. Perhaps as a set-up from the roll or as an anti-air counter. All of Blanka’s moves are just about good for snuffin’ fireball users such as his crouching fierce and standing roundhouse. His super should be used quite carefully. The best way is to be used when the opponent comes in deep from a jump. Then charge it and hit them again even if they block or u’ll possibly escape.



No that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Thanks for contributing. I’d like to contribute myself but I could only post basic strategies, which would pale in comparison to what the super pros here would have to say.

BTW has anyone ever used a non-projectile player in a tourney? If so, did they win? I’m curious.


Blanka’s not anywhere near being a good character in ST, but he’s got some fun stuff. Like jumping forward, standing towards+strong xx hop right through them, throw from the other side. For the humiliation factor, you can change that up by canceling the towards+strong into the strong electricity; they think you’re gonna go for the throw, so they try to escape or counter throw, and get shocked instead.

You can also play weird wake-up games with his rolls, like rolling right past them just before they get up and then sweeping them from the other side. This fools a disturbing number of people. It also never ceases to amaze me how many fall for the jab/strong roll into throw or the kick roll, land in front and throw.

Speaking of those kick rolls, I don’t know if anyone else knows this, but they don’t bounce off of your oppoenent at specific ranges. If he hits them in one of a couple of frames that appear to be identical to the first part of his towards+strong headbutt, he just falls straight down and lands immediately after hitting them. This makes it possible to use the kick rolls safely against blocking opponents that can normally punish blocked rolls. You can actually do kick roll, hit (but don’t bounce!), land, crouching forward, punch roll, for example, and it all combos. The non-bouncy roll leaves you super close, so I think you could actually combo into the electricity for ‘shock’ value (heh, heh). Or change it up into the hop through them and assail them from the other side. I don’t know if it’s possible to cross them over on wake-up with that; if it is, I imagine it’d be bloody hard to do.

His super is pretty bad. He’s got some invincibility in it leastwise, on the way up at the very beginning (as soon as it starts going down, he’s suddenly vulnerable, and at that point almost anything that hits it will trade with or beat it). This makes it decent for anti-air or when you desperately need an invincible zero-frame wake-up, but little else.

Maybe I haven’t messed around with his super enough…are there any weird buffering tricks you can do with his super, and the fact that it can be delayed by holding punch? Could you use the super motion to do a kick roll, for isntance, and then immediately press and hold punch for the duration? Or maybe use the first part of the motion to do a jab roll, complete the motion, press and hold punch, and see if it starts up after he lands?


Vega = best non projectile character… ever.


Umm. I saw in a vid once a cornered opponent got knocked down in the corner (well into the air actually) and blanka did roll into the corner (it’ stopped right away) then super and it chipped for the win.

You right about the super being lousy except for AA tho… I’ve seen him jabbed out of it, people get hit by the first “bounce” and blocked the rest, Gief SPDing him out of it, etc.


Yeah I agree there if u know how to use him


Re: Blanka

It’s not like fireball characters are necessarily the best. Balrog, Vega, and Bison (the boxer, the claw guy, and the psycho dictator) are three of the best characters in the game, and none of them have fireballs. Balrog is top tier, right up there with O. Sagat and Dhalsim. The others aren’t bad either. Honda beats some characters pretty badly, Cammy can beat Dhalsim, Hawk can beat Guile and the shotos, and Zangief and Feilong can be dangerous as well. Even Blanka can kick ass.

As for your question, yes, Balrog, Vega, and Bison have been used and won with in tournaments. I’ve seen Cammy, Hawk, Honda, Fei Long, and Zangief in tournaments as well, and I’m sure someone has used Blanka in some tournament in the past decade.

While I would love to be able to say Vega is the best non-projectile character (he’s my favorite video game character of all time), he’s not. Balrog is definitely the best of the bunch.

Edit: This is for Super Turbo obviously.


Any character that doesn’t have a projectile usually needs some sort of massive mobility or full screen body attack to compensate. Only exception would be throw characters who have specific moves for dealing with fireballs.


Re: Re: Blanka

I wondered if non-projectile fighters were used in tourneys because I’ve seen so many threads here mention projectile based fighters.

As for Balrog in Super Turbo, I will give him props for being a good hand-to-hand fighter but I could just imagine someone suckering a Balrog user into acting prematurely into using one of his specials like, say the dash punch, and once they take the bait, BAM! Super combo city all over his behind. Of course if this were SFA3, who knows. I’ve never touched him in that game.


My Key word was “ever”- as in of all time. Balrog owned in ST… thats about it.

Vega is a headache in every game he has ever been in. As I recall, old versions of him were so bad he was soft banned.

I wish it worked like that. Unfortunately none of that is relevant when you have jab x 100002034982048 in your face the intire round. You are not ganna have room to breathe let alone “bait” anything.


The problem with ST Balrog was that he was fast. You could indeed bait and punish his dashes, but punishing them on reaction is very, very difficult because of their insane speed. They were also quite safe when blocked, mainly because the jab ones still covered almost all the screen, and he could change up high/low/mid rushes at will. Throw in that he could Buffallo Headbutt right through fireballs (great range on that, and without sacrificing his dash charge), his normals had awesome range and priority, and he dealt Zangief-like damage, and you can see why he was a character with very little to fear.

His speed and priority make it dangerous to stick anything out in the open, because he can cross the screen to punish you safely in an instant. And his punches hurt. As a result, it’s usually much easier for the Balrog player to control the direction of the fight than it is for his opponent. A good Balrog player will keep you guessing, jumping at shadows, always wondering when that next dash is gonna come in, and which way it’s going to go. He’s got no shortage of options, and will more than likely win any trades you force him to take. Given all that, I’m sure you can see the problems with baiting his rushes as a generic ‘anti-rog’ tactic: 1) good luck pulling it off when he’s controlling the range, and 2) if you bait him and he doesn’t fall for it, odds are good you’re gonna eat meaty fist in the face.