Dismantling a sanwa

i have some stuff i want to do to a sanwa one of which involves dismantling the sanwa shaft.
my main is about that screw at the bottom of the shaft. how can i unscrew that? and how do i take the e-clip off the sanwa (don’t get me started on seimitsu e-clips)


its easy…
about the e-clip
after you disasembled the joystick just take a flat screwdriver and chip it off…

i remember i did it like that when modding the namco stick…

AFAIK, there isn’t a screw at the bottom. Its just a notch in the shaft so you can tighten the ball. The metal shaft is one solid piece. You HAVE to remove the e-clip to disassemble the sanwa.

yea i was looking at it today and ack its just one whole shaft,the bottom looked like a screw well i have some stuff im gonna try and if i do it successfully i’ll post it up here if i fail…this thread never happend ;>