Dismantling NES Quickshots for use in a Twin Stick controller?

I wanted to try and make a twin stick set up for the Virtual On rerelease (like this, with a trigger and a button on top of each stick), but good sticks for that seem expensive (there are Sanwa ones for like a hundred bucks a stick, but you need 2 and I’m poor).

I found this old NES joystick after a bit of scouring (link) and was wondering if anybody knew if it was any good at all, and if I could hook a couple up to a 360 controller board to get what I’m looking for. They’re dirt cheap on eBay, so if a pair of these could work well enough, I would rather spend 12-20 dollars on something alright than 200 dollars+international shipping on something amazing.

Bust one open. I think they’re simply just contact pads(imagine: DPad with joystick instead of dpad) with connections to the buttons. Your best bet would be to just solder the contacts of the pads to a 360 common ground pad, connect the grounds from both Quickshots to each other, and go from there.

im really interested in this idea as this would be a cheaper solution than getting some saturn or DC sticks and doing the mod…

What is virtual on? I’m guessing some mech game by the looks of that stick.

Yeah, it’s a mech game, just came out on XBox Live Arcade. It was an old arcade game, some of the most fun I’ve ever had with a video game.

I’m probably just gonna go ahead and order those sticks and see what’s in them once I have a few bucks kicking around, unless somebody posts something definite before then. It’s going to be a little bit before I get them, though, so it’ll be a little while before you see any updates from me or anything.

Since this is probably going to be my first controller project, I’m kind of not 100% sure of what I’m doing. Should I be able to follow the general outlines from other joystick guides?

I just finished my twin stick hack using the official Dreamcast sticks. Be sure to buy a digital multimeter that “beeps” while using the continuity function. It was indispensable while trying to troubleshoot my grounding problems. Check out oratan.com forums for some guidance from MentholMoose’s twin stick hacks in the projects section. MentholMoose has also posted on these boards so do a search for “VOOT Sticks”.

Thanks a lot. I found some other things on oratan on how to convert a joystick into a 2 button (so I can use a legit Sanwa joystick and then part of a flight stick), but for now I’m definitely just going to ghetto up the whole thing.

It’s probably looking like:
NES Quickshots x2 = $10 + shipping
Wired 360 Controller = 30 or 40 dollars
A couple push buttons to be the start and back buttons = 6 bucks
Tupperware container to be the box = probably pretty cheap (provided I can mount the sticks properly, I might have to do something a lot more in depth)
Rocks (to weigh the container down) = free

At least it doesn’t seem like a particularly expensive endeavor.

yea menthalmoose did some awesome sticks… a good inspiration i think … thinking about getting some quickshots too… the stick design is pretty dope for its time too…

As far as Quick Shot innards, I found this link http://www.retrogames.cl/padnes.html. Scroll down about mid-way and you will see a red Quick Shot taken apart. It looks like they aren’t microswitched but what do you have to lose if they are fairly cheap.

i can’t really tell what’s going on with the stick part itself there…

i think i’m gonna buy one anyways and see what i’ve got to work with. if not, i’ll just mod a real sanwa stick or something.

I was planning on doing something similar to this but I couldn’t find the right joystick to use. I guess as long as the base of the stick gives you something to mount it to then you should be good to go. It really depends on how good you want these sticks to turn out. If aesthetics don’t worry you, simply bolt two of them sticks to a board and run wires out to a 360 pad. :bgrin: It’ll work, but it’ll be as ugly as hell.

I’m in the process of building a set of 360 twin sticks. For me, I found a set of Saturn twin sticks which worked out cheaper than finding alternative sticks (plus it’ll be the real deal). I’m just waiting for them to turn up in the mail.

Full work log and pictures will follow. In the meantime, there is a heap of info over at the Oratan VO forums.

Wow, that must have been a lot of luck. I only ever see them for over a hundred bucks, and then I still need the 360 controller to use.

I was too young back then to get cool stuff like that. The young generation has to build their sticks if they want to keep up in VO.

If a QuickShot doesn’t work out, I’m going to buy Sanwas and convert them with some $3 flight sticks.

You mean this one?

WOW! That’s pretty amazing :pray:

I did the mod to the Dreamcast Twin Sticks, not the Saturn HSS-0130 platform. I think Mentholmoose is supposed to put up a guide on his forums soon.