Disney might buy Warner Bros. (Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, Marvel and DC, together?)


Do you think now we could have a Marvel vs DC video game?

… Or Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2?


Nice click bait thread.

>Marvel X DCU crossover has already happened in the past.
>This news is at least a week old
>Mentioned videogame of the two series
>Absolutely no source on a video game collab

Get the fuck out. Please. Seriously. Get the fuck out.


…you should have just posted this in the Marvel Movie thread :coffee:


Did this dude highlight someone thinking about Superman vs Captain America? That thought alone is ridiculous.


Yeah Cap would get Rekt. His shield is invincible, but everything about Superman’s entirety is invincible. Not to mention Supes could just freeze him and toss him into the sun or something. That’s a 9-1 matchup. The 1 is the small chance that cap gets some kryptonite.


Hulk would beat Supes, tho.


Hulk Vs Superman is the only interesting matchup


part 2



Why?..it would be over before hulk could even flinch. Supes moves 100 times faster then hulk can react. Hulk is a brick who might be able to compete physically but is far too slow to make it competitive.


Hulk is much like Doomsday, you know, the dude who actually DID beat Superman.

Also, throw Sentry on the list, because Sentry would bust Kal’s ass too.


I see where this thread is going. Mods, you better close this shit :rofl:




What is one truly breathing if there is nothing to breathe in space?


Superman can’t breath in outer space, that picture is bullocks.


I didn’t make it, whoever did English probably wasn’t their first language.

“Superman can fucking **Breath **in it”


Well, last time I read comic books, he couldn’t breath in outer space, but he could hold his breath for a long time.


Supes doesn’t need to breathe, or eat… He can subsist entirely on solar radiation.

…and I’m getting the hell out of this thread.


It’s a reference to Marvel Studios strategy, they tried to pit Captain America 3 against Batman v Superman in theaters by announcing the same release date.


Lmao how exactly…the main power source of sentry is actually what powers up Kal. Moreover supes wasn’t killed by doomsday it was a double KO…get your facts straight. Sentry was also killed by Thor who supes beat in the 90s cross-over soooooo…

Hulk can’t even reliably hit Parker whenever they fight…you think he’s gonna be able to keep up with a guy who’s fast enough to vibrate through punches. Hulk couldn’t even decisively beat sentry who is at best a poor imitation of supes. If the stupidity of plot wasn’t involved…supes is 10/0 against any iteration of hulk.



Are people really asking if supes can breath in space…pick up any supes comic from literally the last 20 years lol.