Disney scraps its hand-drawn animation department

According to former Disney animator Tom Bancroft, who hopped on Twitter to unleash the sad news, Disney laid off nine veteran animators, including some of the studio’s biggest names: Nik Ranieri, Ruben Aquino, Frans Vischer, Russ Edmonds, Brian Ferguson, Jamie Lopez and Dan Tanaka. In total, 9 people have been given the axe, meaning that two are still unnamed at this point.

R.I.P. childhood.

I mean I know CG can be handy and all, and I’m sure many of us were blown away by stuff like Toy Story when we were kids, but to think kids in the future won’t have proper Disney cartoon movies like the Lion King or Jungle Book (Was that Disney? Pretty sure it was) is kind of sad.

They should have 3D and 2D coincide with each other. 3D does look nice and is convenient but there are reasons why their 2-D stand the test of time. Throwing that legacy away completely is foolish.

Disney has been foolish for quite some time. Their own TV channel does not seem to give a shit about their quality material.

This is not the first time this has happened. I recall Home on the Range was supposed to be Disney’s last 2D film. Then we got lucky and Frog Princess came out.

But it could only last for so long. Those CG movies be taking over D:

Not that all CG movies are bad. I like both.

PLEASE go to capcom to work on darkstalkers.

Like it or not, I think the Paperboy short in front of Wreck-it-Ralph is the direction Disney animated features are headed (cg with a hand-drawn aesthetic)

unfortunately the new darkstalkers is exclusively in 3d? they’d be better off working for a anime company like Pokemon.

Disney’s been having financial troubles lately, blaming it mostly on low DVD sales. They’ve recently laid off another 150 people in various sectors around the company, too.


They seem to be surviving nowadays mostly by Pixar and gobbling up any successful company around them. Star Wars alone will keep them afloat for many years to come, but how will the face of the company change, I wonder?

Yeah, I remember that. It happened just after the enormous flop that was Treasure Planet. They still made a bunch of traditionally animated straight-to-video films afterword, though, since they were still selling pretty well. Apparently that’s no longer the case.

Talent like this shouldn’t be wasted - get work soon Disney guys!

This is horrible news. I am sad.

I am also angry about this.

Didn’t they just bring back the hand drawn animation department just a few years ago?

First they scrap the Lucasarts gaming division and now this, that sucks a good deal.

i’ve just googled it… and i stumbled across this interesting video.


I have said this before and I have said it again…You can’t trust Disney when it comes to buying up game developers. They’re just like Activision. If you’re a game developer that gets bought out by Disney then you better watch your back. I keep hearing of Disney shutting down these studios just like with Activision

Still, it is quite moronic they just scrapped their hand drawn animation division like that. I hope those guys find work soon

For me, since I may be bias, but the late 80’s into the 90’s were the Golden Age of Disney for me, especially as a kid growing up at that time since I’m in my 30’s now. Y’all can laugh all you want but things like The Little Mermaid, The Lion King*, Aladdin*, Hercules, Mulan*, Tarzan*, and my personal favorite Beauty and the Beast* (* Indicating that they stood out for me more so then the rest) were completely and utterly unmatched.

A little off topic here but during that Era they also introduced us to some of the Hottest Looking Animation Females we’ve seen in any Disney film. Belle from Beauty and the Beast imo being #1 (Brunette <— my kryptonite, beautiful, elegant and an intellectual for books, so she felt like a girl who wasn’t just hot but someone that you could actually have an educated conversation with and she would really be interested) and Esmeralda being a close 2nd (Esmeralda was simply Hot, period).

Their is something about drawing animation to me that makes it unique, and a beauty to see in motion. Yes, I understand that CGI is the new hype, but don’t ever tell me that when you watch a masterpiece like like Aladdin or Mulan and can’t help but be captivated by the artwork, the fluid motions of the characters and what 2-D brings to the table. However, from a business standpoint I can understand why they’ve taken this road considering that after Tarzan, the last great movie of Disneys 2-D Golden Age it hasn’t lived up to the expectations. Although I thought The Frog and the Princess was a good movie.

I will not lie though, Paperman looked Amazing , and if that is a step into the future then for me their is serious potential for it because it does a blend of both very, very well. However who knows, maybe a few years down the road or whatever and they may decide again to pull out the pencils and create another 2-D Masterpiece when a yearning for something new or in this case, a taking from the past takes hold once again.

Sad to see what has transpired.

Yeah dude, Paperman is where it’s at. Absolutely beautiful.

There’s quite a few anime using a similar technology with great results. Tekkon Kinkreet, for example (but to a lesser degree).

Madhouse or Production IG needs to hire all of them.

I realize that you can do so much with CGI but as far as CGI has come, I still do not see it as being close to as expressive as traditional animation, and still has the feeling of advanced puppetry to me. The big budget disny/pixar CGI movies are still good despite this though. Disney had the best traditional animation that $$ could buy.

Hearing the ducktales trailer at work made me think…why couldnt they have had these guys do a godlike afternoon/afterschool block for the kids like back in the day? Do something as original and awesome as Gargoyles maybe? Are there even any channels that do those blocks anymore?

Johnny test is all we got now.

I clearly was born in the wrong era. Those classic cartoon is the very reason why I got a degree in animation…and I have nothing to show because people here now just cast it (2D) aside because it’s not financially viable now. a damn shame…

Fuck that show. What a piece of shit garbage show. Now THIS below is animation! how you can work flash and classic 2D in a beautiful way!