Disney Stops Making Princess Movies

Boys say they’re icky

I give em like 5 years, and they’ll go back and make yet another one. Personally, I like this idea. Princess movies fuck up girls heads. Have you ever dated a chick who owns like EVERY disney movie? They’re fucking airheads who think prince charming is real, and that no girl should take a load in the face.

Maybe you’re right. I have every Disney movie and I refuse to take a load in the face.

I think Hannah Montana and that other retarded live action shit on Disney nowadays is just as damaging as princess movies. Do any of you live with a teeny bopper? Mother of Lord …

Fuck do away with 21st century Disney altogether.

  • been around girls like that… I nearly shot my ass off in search for more excitement when I was with them.

My grandmother’s best friend (who’s known me since before I was born) has like every disney movie. Although I haven’t really seen much disney after the year 2000, I used to watch like 1-3 different disney movies every time I went there. I don’t remember many of them being very princess-centric either. I really can’t remember many more '“princesses” than the ones in that picture.

Also, on the apparent issue: I don’t think the ceased production of fairy-tale movies is gonna matter that much. They already make plenty of movies with a “broader appeal” for people to watch. Any girl with a warped sense of reality is probably more due to lack of exposure to reality rather than watching a lot disney movies.

This. Being sheltered is alot worse. The lack of any common sense or “street” smarts factor more towards the naivety.

There will still be romance novels and romantic comedies to fill that void when they get older.

As if Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty are as bad as Twilight.

I think the whole fairytale schtick is ten years too old, personally. About time they stopped.

If I had a daughter, I’d rather have her watch Princess Jasmine being rebellious than that Twilight chick being that Twilight chick.

I’d let her watch Dr. B but that’s far too stimulating.

And the sad thing is, the signs were in that very article:

This vampire thing needs to fucking stop.

Yes. Her name is Elaine. She lives in Garden Grove, CA. She is a Jew. I took her virginity when she was age twenty-two.

The vampires and stuff make younger girls dress slutty, not to mention the shitty teen moms, and the whole “celebrity slut” that is Kim Kardashian (she gets peed on) and Paris Hilton (she takes facials)

I’m sorry, but your Disney movie is in another castle!

My sister’s kids like the “princess” movies, but at least they were the ones in the 90s. Hell I like them too. Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan-- those movies were the shit!


Thats their bread and butter.

Their last good grossing movie was the Rapunzel knock off.
Princess movie.



Disney is like, “Alright, we did one for the niggas now we are done”

brilliant :rofl:

their problem is that boys ain’t going to see “The Princess and the Frog”

In the 90’s and shit, they got both sexes to go to their movies. Now, they’ve essentially cut out HALF of their possible audience, just by MAKING the movie.

They just wanna focus on shit where it’s not a story entirely from a princess’ perspective.

How about you stop with the fucking princess stories and make more shit like the Lion King.



You mean stealing shit from the japanese?