Disney to release 2 volumes of X-men TAS on DVD


Disney want dat X-men Origins: Wolverine money, yo.
The name’s Gambit, remember it!
Horrible cover art there.

Disney? Didnt it come air on Fox? I’ll still buy anyways

Cool, I already have all the episodes on DVD. But I’d pay an arm and a leg to get the entire series on BluRay.

Its about fuckin time they did this.

Disney has the rights to all of those Marvel shows that they air. Including 90s Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, 90s Spider-Man, 90s Iron Man, etc. etc. etc. If it’s Marvel and it’s on Toon Disney, they own it. This ordeal has prevented a lot of these shows from getting proper DVD releases. :wasted:

But it seems dumb to release these now when they could’ve released it when the X-men movies came out.
Its whatever to me but now i see why Marvel wants to get the rights to the shows back since Disney keeps sitting on these shows instead of just releasing them.

Volume 1’s cover art is by David Nakayama. (looks like he’s not done coloring it yet)
Been waiting a while for them to finally release it.

Yeah I would love to own Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends on DVD. Maybe the 90s show too, but I grew up on Amazing Friends so it means a lot more to me. The only old Spidey cartoon you can get through legal means in its entirity is the 60s show. At least Disney doesn’t own Sensational Spider-Man even though they will still air new episodes once Toon Disney gets renamed XD Disney.

FINALLY. I hope there is a blu-ray release.

same here but those bootlegs have bad quality. thisll be hq and maybe we’ll even get some special features. i want to see some behind the scenes of what went on in that studio in the 90s.

LOL I’ve seen bootlegs where they just recorded the episodes off of Toon Disney, you can see the Toon Disney logo in the corner. And people charge money for this? Like, I can do that yeash… :rofl:

I agree. They’re incredibly fucking late on this…I’ll still buy it though. Nostalgic cartoon memories FTW.

yeah when i bought the series for $15 the guy mentioned nothing of inferior quality. in fact i even went to record some episodes old skool style with a vcr because the quality on that was better than the DVD

Does this mean they are releasing Wolverine and The X-men to dvd too? :sweat:

I think that’s Lions Gate, not sure off the top of my head.
There is a preview for it on Hulk Vs that says it’ll be out in April 2009 on DVD.

^ well theres your answer.

i dont even want to think about wolverine and the xmen. this is something that is somehow high under-rated. if you look at it fro ma story point of view, its just like every other animated show at there. but if you look at it from the quality of work, its epic.

im bias though. a lot of who i am today is shaped from this show.

Not like there are many other options out there.

Yeah that’s Lions Gate like Apathy said.

Basically Disney bought a lot of the older Marvel cartoons so they can air them exclusively. It has nothing to do with Spectacular Spider-Man (Sony) and Wolverine and The X-Men. Disney is not even airing Wolverine and The X-Men, Nicktoons has it. Spectacular they will air but Sony had the DVD rights for that sowed up naturally. Actually DVD releases for that show kind of came first in a way or were planned from the get-go. Spectacular is set up to have three / four episode arcs so Sony can release DVDs that way. And eventually a season set / sets.

Wolverine and The X-Men will be out on DVD in April 2009. Don’t know if it will be the first season or chopped up into volumes. Spectacular is doing both.

Great news, but they took that long, they could earned mad profits if they released it a while back and finishing all volumes.

I’m going to be pissed off if they ommit and edit some stuff out. Remember those Ren and Stimpy Uncut Volumes and the In Living Color Seasons, well that was all BS, there was a ton of stuff edited and deleted from those DVDs.

I wonder how many episodes on each volume?

I loved this series growing up…such a good series. I hated Evolution so much for their more cartoony take on the series, and it’s so rare that you see a truly American made cartoon without some sort of eastern influence. Can’t wait to sit at home all day and watch Morph die in the first episode :rofl: