Disney to release 2 volumes of X-men TAS on DVD

yeah Disney is retarded like that. Over in Europe they already sold tons of MMPR Seasons up to In Space as far as i know. Meanwhile Disney is still sitting on those seasons. I’m guessing there gonna wait till its 20th anniversary or something.

About ti-- Wait. Disney? Crud. They’re gonna bang us in the butt by releasing only a handful of eps.

I thought that the X-Men TAS cartoons had been released on DVD? Or is that just for Region 2?

It’s kind of a mess actually -

Good news! Just listening to the theme music is very nostalgic.

They better step up their game for this release (if infact they do get released) otherwise, I’ll just keep the episodes I have on my computer :-/

Well it’ll be nice seeing episodes without that obnoxious Disney logo in the corner :confused:

I just hope they don’t edit anything. I saw some old episodes of Gargoyles on Toon Disney and they had cut and edited out some of the violence.

Already got all the episodes on my PC, but it would be nice to have them on DVD and get rid of the 10+ GB sitting on my harddrive lol

Final box art for volume 1 here: http://david-nakayama.deviantart.com/art/X-MEN-Animated-Vol-1-Box-Art-111233217

i dont know why many people care about the box art. the box art for most dvds these days are shit anyway.

i think we care way more about features and sound/picture quality

I care because the artist is a close friend of mine and what was initially released was unfinished.

He’ll also be doing the next volume’s box art.

I was wondering why Apocalypse and other supporting characters weren’t on the cover, maybe this is the reason?

Magneto is on the final.

The next volume will have Dark Phoenix.

These “volumes” better release the episodes in correct order >:|

to people who have all the episodes already on dvd or computer… is it hi-res? i have the bootleg dvd but they are much blurrier than what id expect on this official release

The ebay set I have was compressed to hell :confused: