Disney to remake Seven Dwarves into NINJA movie

Disney is to remake the legendary cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as a warrior action movie set in China.
In an unusual move, the film will not focus on Snow but will instead follow the seven companions, reinterpreted as nineteenth century warriors from a centuries-old order who have lost their way across the world.
Each will be from a different area of the world and will have a unique fighting style.

Errr…wouldn’t Chinese ninjas count as Assassins though?

Def don’t have high hopes for this and def won’t watch.

should be slightly offensive as expected…

Fuck current era Disney.

Hey they released a Winnie the Pooh movie a few months ago that was pretty good.
…and they let us have a kickass Darkwing duck comic, if only for a little while (18 issues total).
…and top to it off, they finally released The lifes and times of Scrooge McDuck one of the most epic comic book stories of all time.

It’ll definitely be interesting.

Suddenly, I’m reminded of an episode of the original Ninja Turtles cartoon, where they’re trying to get a copy of a movie called ‘Snow White and the Seven Samurai’ (no joke).

Man, I thought that Disney had sold it’s soul to Pixar and died. It was good to see actual hand-drawn animation again.

…now if only they could get Greg Weisman and Buena Vista together again, and do an animated version of Greg’s SLG Gargoyles continuation. Oh, and give us Gargoyles Season 2, part 2 on dvd, dammit!

lol, classic disney sucked anyways.

  1. MGM
  2. Warner Brothers

13457892278654. Disney

you must be talking about the 80’s disney because the 90’s disney was on point…shit told me how to be a man, told about being chauvinism, and that a black gospel choir singing about you can hype up your life

Sounds better most of the garbage in theaters.

I hope the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp make a cameo and sing a racist song.


Also heres a prediction…

5/7 will be white even though they are supposed to be from all over the world.

You can’t go wrong with ninja.

i think toy story 4 should be about gundams that talk when their owners are away.

wouldnt that make a great disney movie??

The premise is very interesting, and lol at everyone getting all hot under the collar for Disney tweaking a so-called “classic.”

The execution is what matters.


I’d watch it.