Disney vs. Warner Bros. vs. Hanna Barbara! Will It EVER Happen?

How cool would this be? I mean, there’s already Cpt. Caveman, Underdog, Marvin The Martian, and Popeye on mugen. I’d like to see the game?if it ever happen) in the vs. series style. Anyone else here agrees? If these 3 companies happen to agree with each other to make the game, then this old man can just scream with joy. lol

Lol indeed, my friend… lol indeed. :coffee:

I would love HB.

holy shit

Hong Kong Fuey > all.

Fail for Mugen nod tho.

Going with Hanna Barbara on this.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast era Space Ghost with Zorak/Moltar/Brak assists

gay vs fail, imo

Mulan stage music:


Launchpad McQuack in GizmoDuck suit= ST Gouki.

fail thread by fail poster

what’s even worse is that this is a duplicate thread from 2003.