Disney XD Rebooting Ducktales


So now to see if they’ll continue to solve mysteries, or if they’ll end up rewriting history.


Thank you, d3v. Now the theme song is stuck in my head.

Make your bets, people. How long will Disney keep this up?


Someone tell Disney while they are at it could we have more episodes of Gargoyles or Gummi bears lol


if their putting donald in the show that would be dope

also I thought disney was all about that live action teen sitcom crap, every time you turn around there is a new series dropping

Billy and Sarah, Kyle and Mindy, Erica and Jacob, Johnny and Ashley or some shit…


After Ultimate Spider-Man and Teen Titans GO(to Hell), I don’t trust them to not fuck this up.



How is disney related to Teen Titans GO?

Also they make Phineas & Ferb which is the GOAT so there is still hope.


Howard the Duck crossover FTW XD Spider-Ham too, why not?


Faith restored??


Disney XD has been doing better with their original animation than CN and Nick. Phineas & Ferb and Gravity Falls ain’t my thing but they are not terrible shows.


After playing the remix Dicktales game and how great it is, I wonder if there might be enough interest to make a sequel. I hope so, because Ducktales is awesome!





One of the best theme songs in cartoon history


if they remake this in 3D they can go to fucking hell


gravity falls is too good for disney xd.


Holy fuck, how did i forget about Gravity Falls?


I grew up with ducktales, one of my favorite cartoons ever. There was talespin, rescue rangers also. However ducktales was easily the best (and one of the most memorable opening songs all time).

It is based on the many uncle scrooge comics, so they have a ton of great material to draw from.


The theme song has been playing in my head since this morning T_T

Life is like a hurricane…


Aww, fuck. Big thumbs on small phone keypad. That’s fucking hilarious though.



This would be a good idea if they aired it on their regular Disney Channel. DXD is one of those premium channels you get by paying for an $80 channel package.

I would not be surprised if the premier’s ratings were low, which then influences Disney to axe the project… Planned obsolescence at it’s worst.


so how will the space theme fit into this reboot?