Disney, you idiots



You complain how the previous releases had low sales, and say that you may not bring the remainder of the episodes to dvd because of that…so when you finally release the series finale dvds, you go and make them special Disney Club-only exclusives? In what world does this make sense?! Glad I already downloaded both of these series over 10 years ago.


It makes sense in world where it’s run by a mouse overseeing a castle full of princesses and fairies.


Disney gotta get that paper.


who cares, its disney lmfao rofl


They woulda had MORE paper releasing the dvds to the general retail market. Instead, they have to rely on 8-14 year olds (assuming, I know, but who ELSE would join the Disney Club??) who never even HEARD of these series.


But it’s stuff from back when they were doing stuff RIGHT. Stuff that makes grown men go “Oh, yeah…that was a pretty badass series…they just don’t make 'em like that any more.”


The '90s was such an excellent time in animation, but I have a sinking feeling that people raised on post-'90s norms don’t get a lot of this stuff.

Like, you can show today’s viewers episodes of the Simpsons from the '90s and it’s just going to be weird for them. They’re not going to care about the richness of the characters and the satire because they’re going to be turned off by the lack of really off-the-wall humor.

It might be different with an adventure series like Gargoyles or Batman, but I’m almost hesitant to test the theory. I don’t need the existential dread that comes with people not understanding how good this stuff is.


Pfft, Disney. I stopped caring about that company again as soon as they got rid of Motorcity.

Aside from few gems such as Aladdin, Goofy sports/instructional shorts, and a few well made anime rip-offs, I never had too much respect for the Walt Disney company. The company always rakes in money by following proven trends and never took any real chances (wasn’t Gargolyes originally conceived due to the early 90’s Batman/action cartoon craze?). They generally don’t cash in with something ‘artistic’ or edgy until their competitors have driven something similar to the ground (can’t wait for them to release a cheap looking cartoon about zombie hipster robots). And if they do, it’s more than likely purchased from someone else (Marvel, Lucas, Pixar, Jim Henson). And don’t get me started with Disneyphiles.



Don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Let businesses weed themselves out.


a real fan would already own the VHS tapes :coffee:


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Head Admin Jason from Open Vault Disney here. I was reading some of the responses here and thought I should add a few things to the mix. I should start off with (in case anyone here does not know this) that Open Vault Disney is a fan run Disney DVD fan campaign and is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Disney. Basically, we got sick of Disney NOT releasing many of the great shows in their vault on DVD and decided to band together to do something about it.

Anyway, what you guys need to know about this release is that the Disney Movie Club Exclusives are where Disney Home Entertainment sends titles they think might make a few bucks for them but that they don’t feel will sell as well in stores. As a result, they also tend to have fewer printings then most retail releases. I also know for a fact (due to discussions in the past with friends at DHE) that at one time at least, the second half of Gargoyles Season 2 was going to be a retail release. In fact, there had been some talk of a Complete Series release. For reason unknown to me, it was dropped and sent to the DMC.

Further, I don’t know that DIsney as a company hates Gargoyles per say so much as they don’t seem to have much faith in any of their older tv properties doing much for them. It is not just about Gargoyles, they treat DuckTales, Recess, TaleSpin and other shows the same way. However, there are some signs that at least for the Disney Afternoon-era, things could change a little with new merchandise being created for these shows.

If you don’t like what they have done, I would encourage each of you to (respectfully) e-mail them or write on their Facebook and Twitter accounts how you feel about all of this. Let them know that Open Vault Disney sent you. Disney is far more likely to listen to a large number of fans then just a handful. That is the idea behind OVD, strength in numbers. Have a great day!


Anti-disney people are always dickbag bronies


^^^ Ladies and gentlemen: an actual good first post. Cherish this moment; astronomers calculate that it will be 75 years before it happens again.

Does Disney have a rationale for why DVD releases of their older television shows wouldn’t be profitable, when similar shows by other companies (e.g. Warner Brothers with the DC animated cartoons) have been successful on DVD?


More mass appeal in batman and superman, than scrooge and dw


Maybe a reasoning why Disney’s older Disney Afternnon Cartoon Lineup doesn’t sell well on DVD is a bit of their own fault? They didn’t do alot of advertising for them to let people it was available at the time of release. Also, a big, big, big mistake was releasing the episodes not only in a random order instead of according to air-date, but the original pilot episodes weren’t including in volume 1. this goes for ducktales and chip n dale if im not mistaken.

It was done in a very hap-hazard way and was very disrespectful to the fans. Im actually sad that Gargoyles got dropped off after season 2 volume one because the packaging and care that came with that release was superb.

These releases for older disney cartoon shows like ducktales, chip and dale, darkwing duck, ect. has indeed not been selling well in stores. For awhile now, if you have been to costco or wal mart these things are priced at 9.99 to try and get them off store shelves and they don’t budge. Whomever cared to get them has done so already and the rest of the copies just sit on store shelves.

So yeah I can kind of understand why Disney has gone the route that they have and I can’t blame them.


It makes me so sad that Disney has kinda been cannibalizing it’s own animation history and pedigree. They continue to further force out shitty CGI leaving the quality stuff to Pixar and the rest of their properties are just made off of sure things now. No love for the classics, no love for the Disney Afternoon shows. Just continuing to produce shitty live action shows that perpetuate the same thing on each show. A mix of tween/teens that sing/play music/act and burn them deep into the ground til they’re well dead then repeat with a new show next year. Nick is no better either and CN sadly is treading water now as they pull the same BS off and on.

Will things ever change? I wish I knew…


Disney BEEN fucking up.



This is interesting though. The site did feel a bit… “unofficial.”

oh, btw I’d toss your salad if you give me a way to get my hands on a complete Muppet Babies collection


It’s because of furries. They probably google searched Gadget one day and saw all that horrible porn.