Disney's The Princess & The Frog (2D animation)

Latest trailer-
Huh looks interesting, ya know I usually appreciate Disney movies when I’m older, but hopefully this will be an entertaining movie.

Yeah, posted this in the Lounge thread earlier. Doesn’t look bad, actually. Hope that the story and characters will turn out well.

first time they introduce a black princess in a disney film and she spends most of it a as a green frog? :rolleyes:

not saying theres any hidden agenda, but seriously? wasnt there any other princess thy could have used?

having said that, still look likes a decent disney flick.

Don’t start this bullshit. The characters are fine everything is fine.

lol the Frog is French

It’s set in New Orleans, hence the creole/french frog.

Now I have to see it.

they’re going to have a chef trying to cut off their legs and fry them up.

there, i called it.

Good to see Disney doing these movies again. Miss the good old days of Disney movies. :sad:

Her boyfriend is also white.

Why couldn’t her boyfriend be black? Give the tiny urban youth one non rapping black adult male role model someone.

Looks good. will see it when its out in theaters.

“Dis gon be GOOD!”

That shit had me rollin.

lol at the hidden agenda talk…if it is, at least it’s a step in the right direction, after all

otherwise, this looks awesome. can’t wait to see it


Movie looks good.

This looks awesome. (I can’t wait)

been waitin \g for this for years


anyone know when they started production on the film?

There’s gonna be a lot of black mothers angry about the white prince/black bocor, as well as cultural analysts…

Prince: “I’m an octoroon”

Black Audience: “Oh ok I can live with that.”