Display lag help!


I recently purchased an ASUS VE228H display under the guidance of displaylag.com . It’s rated under the excellent category.

Still feels NOTHING like the setups at WNF or SCR (which allow me to enter combos in A LOT slower and react to things better). It feels no different than my 40-inch LCD which was rated as fair. I’m on XBox 360 via HDMI cable. Game mode is on and I’ve messed with every setting possible on both the console and the display. No one has an answer. Can someone help?


SCR and WNF use BenQ monitors specific gaming monitors

http://www.asus.com/Monitors_Projectors/VE228H/#specifications isnt gaming specific its say that it has 5ms response time ( maybe less with game mode on ? ), wich isnt a big deal if your execution is on point, you should be able to adapt after some hours

give it some time and practice it might just be a false impression


response time has nothing to do with lag

there’s two threads (one old and one new) in Tech Talk listing out various monitors and how much they lag vs CRT. give those a look.


Word. Thanks to the both of you.


well both the benq and the “evo” asus both average 10ms of display lag, you got the one that averages 11ms. That 11ms is just an average so sometimesit will obviously be more. Double check that you are in game mode, and also set your xbox to 720 instead of 1080 and see how that affects the lag.