Display stand for Qanba Obsidian

Looking for something similar to this:

That looks like a book stand.

I kinda steered him here, I figured someone in tech talk seen something or probably did something very similar

Does anyone even make stands specifically for displays specifically for arcade sticks?
I know there is/were builders who built pedetals/podiums for sticks so that they can be used in a standing position, but I can’t really recall any stands made just for display purposes.

Mind you, I’ve been wanting to make a custom stand for my Saint-Seiya-HAPP stick for a while now, not specifically for display, but more for storage; I think I can get it to take up less real-estate in a sturdy vertical position than have it laying flat.

You can try something like

or you can ask @hursit himself where he got it. Although he lives in Turkey so I’m guessing either he made it himself or got it in a local shop.

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I’m not sure how long my Qanba Obsidian is but I’m not sure it would fit well

Hello people
i have made it my self. But i think you can find it on the one of the Webstore

Thats a cool idea. Now i’m looking for something like that.