Displaying and trying arcade sticks out on Evo


Hi, I am a representative for a Chinese custom arcade stick manufacturer.

I might bring an arcade stick or two to Evo I would like people to try out and give some inputs, and hopefully make some sales if you feel satisfied with the results.

I wonder what do I need to bring to an event like this so that people can try them out.

I might be able to add more information later.

Thanks, all.

Edit: Sticks passed San Fran customs on 11th, no delivery on Sat and Sun, so I have to rely on the weekdays for them to be delivered on time. I hope they used the airmail like I asked, otherwise I might miss it for evo.


Moved this to the Evo section of the boards. You will get more feedback here.


The two sticks I will bring are full sanwa 8 button PS3/PS2 compatible sticks, standard Japanese arcade button layout, custom art, custom stick ball top and buttons color.

The box size is around regular SE edition fighting sticks, feels much more solid than Hori’s fighting stick 3, but not a heavy weight box like TE editions.

Sorry if this sounds like a business advertisement, but I do want everyone to try them out, give me some feedback and get the words out, not looking to make an order yet.

I will post the pictures later.


well tbh I think most of the srk community feels more comfortable with a 6 button layout and something that would feel sturdy in your lap, maybe a little bigger then the se edition


I think pics would really help.

Also some people do like a solid 6 button over 8. So if you have button plugs on hand, some people might want some buttons plugged up come time of purchase.


btw how much would you be selling them for? You might wanna tell people now before they go for broke at the casino


well you could try contacting mr. wizard and see if he’d be willing to help you out with a set up but it’s pretty close to evo so he’s probably up to his neck with things to do. also there’s the bring your own console set up where evo provides a tv and you hook up whatever console you want. You could hook up a console and invite people to play on your station and try out your sticks.


The reason we had 8 buttons is because we are not sure what kind of games would these sticks be tested on, so they can be used for neogeo games as well as capcom games alike, and the buttons would basically correspond to the dual shock controller setups to ensure compatibility. But in reality each custom stick will have a button layout for a specific customer, we do provide some templates also.

I haven’t considered selling them as of this moment, these are sample sticks to try out and receive feedback on.

Also thank you all for the information, I will try to contact MrWizard to see if he can help out.


It is a good thing my website has a tracking system.

The sticks just passed customs at San Francisco on the 11th, there was a slight delay due to the shipment on China part (someone drop the ball there), I really hope it could be delivered on or before Wednesday, otherwise I might not have enough time to test them out and pack them in my suitcase.