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Our last tier discussion thread never really went anywhere, and the OP was never properly updated. More than a year after the game’s release, we still haven’t come to a clear consensus of the tiers in the game, and in which ways the modifications may have changed the overall power of characters. Rather than argue about it forever, perhaps we should follow Nohoho’s example and ask the top players of each character to give us a +/- for each matchup. Obviously, this will now lead us instead to argue about who the top players are, but that seems more manageable. If we can get 2 players per character that’s fine too, and we can post a slightly more detailed version of the tier list that way.

I will then attempt to track down those players and ask them to notify or email me their thoughts and compile the list and post it online on this forum for everyone’s benefit and we can then end up yelling at each other about tier-whoring and whatnot.


Ryu: DGV, Choi, Valle
Honda: Thelo, Megaman
Blanka: SG10X/BlueTallCans, Real Decoy (or whatever Papichao’s latest screenname is)
Guile: Marsgatti, mute chimu kuri, Fifth n some Bud
Balrog: Afrolegends
Ken: Damdai, Snake Eyes
Chun Li: Mongolorobokop, Voltech SRK
Zangief: Snake Eyes
Dhalsim: Damdai, SweetJV, Eggo
Sagat: True Ol School
Vega: Baconology, Ganelon
Thawk: Jigglynorris, Gridman
Fei: Sirlin, Jumpsuit
Deejay: Afrolegends, Leon0wski
Cammy: Sirlin, Mr Jangara
Bison: Zaspacer, DeMavrick, yuh vega dj

Even if one of the characters has a name next to it, that doesn’t mean it’s fine, that’s just my initial thoughts on the best that I’ve come across. Please remember this is for Hd Remix, not for vanilla Super Turbo. I don’t care if you were super duper awesome in ST, if you can’t or don’t play HDR, your thoughts are largely irrelevant.

Keep it civil. I’ll leave this pretty much up for about 2 or 3 weeks, after which I’ll assume the top player list is complete and start going after those players and harass them (nicely).

T3R_Dictator has the best Bison on PSN…

Chun Li: TechnicalMonkey
Dhalsim: Grog, fatboy
Vega: Ganelon
Thawk: JigglyNorris
Fei: Sirlin
Cammy: Sirlin

Edit: what does SSF2ST mean? :bgrin: You probably meant SSF2T.

It’s super super turbo! Twice the super for the same cost! Order now! (Fixed)

I gotta say “yuh vega dj” is a much better Bison player than I am.
I am not sure how much of the HDR’s new mechanics he uses, but he has by now put in the hours on HDR.
I have exchanged messages with him in the past, and while his English isn’t great, he can definitely converse.
I suggest contacting him (instead of me) with the Bison matchup questions.

In addition, I really don’t know a lot of the matchups owing to lack of experience-knowledge.

everyone forget theres more than 1 hawk player?

My list is based on people I’ve personally played or spectated on videos. I’ve neither played you nor watched your Hawk on vid.

Add SweetJV for Dhalsim. The HD Remix All Star Team thread is a good place to get top players for XBL. Also Thelo’s got a tier chart which is already a compilation of several good players’ matchup opinions. It’s way better than the eventhubs tier list IMO.

Hmmm, what is the intent for this thread again Raakam? I thought this was going to be a HDR Tier List, which is a great idea for a thread but why do you have the top players list being thrown in here? I thought this was gonna be like which characters are the most dominate, neutral or the weakest in terms of match ups versus other characters. I know EventHubs has a character tier chart but it’s based on data prior to the game has been released. Now that over a year has passed and a lot of the elite(s) has a chance to figure out new shenanigans it would be interesting to see how much if any of the original tier list has changed. Of course, it’s always going to be opinion and experience based but this would be a great place to start that debate.

EventHub Character Tier Chart

However, if this is just another “Who’s the best players of HDR” thread, then we already have active threads for that, one for each respective platforms, XBL and PSN. Which I know you must be aware of it since you were the second one to post on the XBL All Star thread, which basically you re-pasted the same guys as top players in this new thread. Just trying to get clarification here that’s all, the title of “this” thread seems misleading.

Any tier list that I would arbitrarily throw up there would immediately come under attack, and for good reason, since I’m not good enough to give you a correct analysis of every match. My take on the top players may also be inaccurate.
Given that, I am asking players for who they would basically accept as a valid source for a given character. Once that is accomplished, in the next 10 days or so, I will then approach all those players, ask for their feedback, and compile a list. I will update the original post and keep everyone updated as it progresses.

Our last tier discussion thread didn’t really amount to a whole lot. I just want to bring transparancy to the whole project and make everyone a part of it, as opposed to saying “This is what it is, suck it”.

Edit: Also, the list may be completed rather fast, since everyone has a solid idea of who is good at this point.

So this is a “Best of XBL HDR Player list” then? Seeing how this is in a General Strategy section and not in the XBL section it can be confusing and bias to just one platform. If this is HDR overall then someone could throw out John Choi’s name in here or some Japanese names from PSN but that would be difficult if not impossible to do since you can’t measure across platforms other than starting a popularity contest.

XBL players in general are strongly opinionated people…I mean you can’t even post a simple GGs shout out without someone, if you forgot to mention them, come back with a big F–K You reply! I don’t know, they’re just gangsta like that. I understand now what you are wanting to accomplish but it still just an opinion and one way or another it will be scrutinized and come under attack once again.

I mean what is the valid source and who’s qualified to provide that info? My suggestion from that XBL All Star thread was for everyone to throw out some names of the best players and then you can create a poll and let this community decide by voting on who’s the best. That way it’s not one person or a few people that put together the list, it will be the community who decides who that top player is. That would draw fire away from any one person and the only person to blame would be the voters. In order to do the voting thing, it would have to be done similar to what you are describing where someone has to compile the names and then create a voting thread and let the community decide. I think this is the most fair way to handle it. Otherwise, just let the old thread be. I mean whoever wants to post their two cents then…leave it at that. I think consensus wise everyone knows who the THE top are but the voting would help see who falls under 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on.

Edit: If everyone already knows who’s the best at this point then why go through all this trouble in the first place? You can view All Star thread 1st page and get a snapshot of who’s probably the best and be done with it. My idea helps the focus on who the hell should be 2nd, 3rd, etc. placement.

What is with this forum and circle jerk threads.

How is this a circle jerk thread? Honestly, for fuck’s sake. I don’t give 2 shits who gets nominated, I just want to be able to have a clear-cut understanding from the best possible players on how they view the game. I’ve obviously got my own ideas, but if I were to say “Hi, this is the tier list, please believe me”, yea, ok.

I’ll grab a handful of names that have been mentioned in the other thread, since making a poll for every character is just going to take forever. I’ll start getting in touch with them and compile a list a la Nohoho. My biggest “hole” for a player to ask would be for a solid Sagat player. I know Justin Wong played Sagat at Devastation, but not sure how into the game he is. I’ll try and see if I can get in touch with him somehow, but this is going to be tricky.

its an accurate list you have there, but some of the players you listed hardly play hdr anymore. The people who are flaming you are pissed cos their names are not listed lol

Dumbest thing i have read today.

But keep going it’s only 10 am.

I dont feed trolls, so look elsewhere, besides he listed the players who he actually played and I agreed with him so whats dumb about that. must suck to be you if you’re this miserabel in the morning

I seriously doubt he’s played all the players that he’s mentioned. Even you mentioned that some of those guys are not playing HDR anymore. That list of his has been re-edited several times from which he is reviewing other people’s top picks and adding to his own. Even with that, he mention John Choi as top Ryu, Choi plays on PS3 when he’s online and rarely plays HDR since SF4 was released (online that is). My only point was there’s another active thread for this and that this one appears to be a duplicate thread. No sense in creating this thread to avoid other forum members who will eventually find this thread and move their conversation over here if their previous debate hasn’t been settled.

damn dudes just get mad over anything. Nohoho did the same thing a while back but no one hated on him when he didn’t include evry single top players opinion.

Completely ignoring the argument going on, for the moment, (LOL), I’ll just say that the fact that, after over a year, there is still no clear cut tier list shows that Sirlin at least came close to the balance he was going for with HDR. My personal opinion is that the top tier is now Claw, Boxer, Sim, and Ryu (I nominate fake fireball as best new move), but it’s very close, and since I wasn’t nominated no one asked me. LOL.

I heard some guile player called Mr Irepressible is the best guile player in the universe, but I’ve never played against him so cant comment.

All I know is Boxer and Ryu are the best, then Claw and Dhalsim.