Disrespect online

So I was playing Super Turbo on Kaillera. Some rando named ‘Zangief’ comes into the game and I start the shit up.

The convo goes something like this:

Me: I can probably guess who you’re going to pick
Zangief: picks Dhalsim How about that?

I win a round, he wins a round, I take the match.

After the match:

Zangief: Your a weak player
Me: Didn’t I just win?
Zangief: Your weak

The second match starts and I just put the controller down and say:

Me: You know what? If you’re going to act like that I’m not even going to play against you. hits ESC and remakes the game

At this point he keeps trying to rejoin and I kick him out each time. I finally just say fuck it and close the whole thing down. Now some people might think I’m acting overly sensitive to this, but I’m just sick of the bullshit. This is just one of the many times I’ve been disrespected online in kaillera. Most SFers are not little kids, in fact a large portion of us are grown ass men. Why the disrespect? I mean even if you do win I still don’t feel that gives you the right to start acting like a douche bag, especially over something as competitively bankrupt as lag filled kaillera play.

I think every time we play with people like this we are enabling a attitude that in the long run only hurts the community. The ego on some of these amateur online-only thundercats is astounding. The fact they are always bragging about victories over opponents with 3 second input delay, and giving themselves the long, fervent ego stroke they will never receive from a female hand is just downright pathetic to me.

So yeah, I just wanted to make a post to see what everyone else thought about this. If more people started refusing to play with these counter strike rejects they’d probably learn a thing or two about respect. You guys remember that right? Respect, the feeling you get that keeps you from saying something stupid to the 7 foot gorilla looking mo’fucka standing next to you at the cabinet after you tick throw him for the win. You know his ham size fist is going to end up in the back of your fucking throat if you even look at him the wrong way. Now THAT’s respect, or maybe fear… either way they go hand in hand.

These little new breed mutants don’t know the meaning of the word. So yeah I’m just not even going to bother with em. You guys can play em if you want, but I hope you can keep from throwing your control at the screen after he beats you with a sliver of life and starts talking shit non stop. You know the type, “Lol you suk,i ownz and u mutha’s a whore” WTF? Is that really even neccesary? I dont’ even think they know my mother frankly, and personally I think that’s a pretty wild conclusion to jump to.

So yeah in conclusion, fuck dem new niggas over thea.

  • Jin

Play who you want to play, and remember the drama means nothing unless you let it.

That shit goes on just as much in arcades, except no one’s here to stab you or try experimenting their McDojo crap on you that doesn’t work. Some of you guys just have short memories of the arcade crap.

Sadly, trolling is not limited to message boards only. It’s obviously a lot easier for that kind of retards to act like that knowing they’re just behind a nick.

Its simply a matter of safety thats all. They know they are free to do and say whatever comes to their mind because they’re sitting at home playing on mommy’s computer. As far as the majority being grown ass men, same story different setting…just don’t play Dat Madden…serious business!!

yeah it’s annoying and immature. I remember some guy on the myspace forums kept talking about how good he was at fighters and how he could son everyone. so I played him and he suckes badly. it shut him up then.

Man, you shoulda just kept beating his bitch ass til he quit out of frustration. When you’re winning, you NEVER quit, no matter how much shit they talk. Damn, didn’t you ever play in arcades?! You play like you paid money for each match, dammit. You weren’t weak, but you did quit. That’s where you messed up. You’re supposed to shut the scrub up by raping the shit out of him.

Yeah. Never quit while this kind of “players” are talking. Just play, beat them and let them go alone.

Most of time this poeple are retards and never do the same in arcades, except for that military big guy I faced once in Kof97. Didn’t say a word during the matches, but as soon as I beated him for third time, he retired and hitted me in the back with his big hand, so I crushed in the monitor then he said: “bring all your friends, I’m always here”

Of course I never came back to that place.

Dude, you have a right to your opinion. But if you ask me, having to play by yourself because you were a dick will effect you a lot more then someone playing against you regardless of how much of a douche you’re being.

People do this kinda shit just as much off-line as they do online.

I fail to see the point of this.

Yeah, people have disrespected me a lot when playing a fighting game online. The best thing to do is laugh it off, it’s actually pretty amusing what people do. Don’t let people take the fun away from you. That’s exactly what they want.

I only talk shit to my close friends when playing, and only because I lose so often that I like to get the most out of my wins, so I am always joking and I think they know it. (I hope). :lovin:

I agree that they general level of disrespect online in all games is bad for the gaming community.

I disagree however that the people who talk trash are stereotypical social rejects without girlfriends. From my experience, they are just general assholes even in real life, and those come in all shapes and sizes. Social and Non-Social.

Disrespect? On my internet?

It’s more likely than you think.

on the flipside mostly people regarded as really good online are just like that.
its hard to start a new game to practice on you expect to lose you have to deal with it.

while it is fun mostly the better players are like this which i think is worse than some random person who does that.
its not always " new breed"

its sad,but it seems that its becoming the standard on the internet, you will always see someone arguing and insulting you, if you express your opinion, if you say if you like X game than Y game, or if you make a thread without searching first :rofl:, i assume that is because a lot of people feel secure in their homes, and they use that inmature way of interaction to dischard all their frustration with life. its really sad imo, because i go to a forum to express my opinion and hear the opinion of other people about a game, its obvious that you will find people who dont share your opinion, the problem is when the intolerance begins, theres no need to get on the low level of irrespect.

Online should disable chat. 'Nuff said.

welcome to online gaming!

But do whatever the fuck you want. There is no internet police, so fuck 'em.

Really depends on the game. For the lesser played ones, the top guys are usually just glad to see someone new playing, so they’re generally very polite. Plus, it takes a certain kind of person to invest that much time into a dead game. They have to really love it.

Back when I was on kaillera, it was mostly the MvC/A3 guys who were giant pricks. If you kick the shit out of someone new, and then you talk shit, chances are, they’re not gonna keep playing. All those egoists online are only slitting their own throats.

You’re not telling anyone anything new though.

Smack talking online is fucking lame. Arcades are so much better.

I mean…I can’t even knife somebody after losing a game of Marvel online. Fuck that.

Again, I’m pretty sure if most people would refuse to play against these types of people they’d quickly learn to shut the hell up or play a new game.

Also they aren’t taking away my fun, as I don’t enjoy interacting with people who are cocky about how “good” they are in kaillera of all things.

I woulda kept playing dude, beasting him till he quit himself.