Disrespect online

If you’re really above someone skill-level-wise, you can have some fun with some of the douchebags online.
One guy I played in LB2 kept saying everything I did was cheap (throws, small-hopping, rushdown, blocking, combos), so I’d stop doing whatever he mentioned the next match and then he’d bring up something else. Eventually, I ended up fighting him using just parries and :r::snkc:. I think even he realized that he had nothing left at that point, so he just started up with the “I bet this game is your life” crap and left. Dude never tried to join one of my games again.

Don’t play into their shit. Pissing you off is exactly what they want to do, and if you can turn the tables on them, it’ll be much better for the community as a whole. Keep your cool and just play. The more you try to talk and defend yourself and put them down, the more fuel you give them.

there will be always scrubs and retards in every game, the best thing to do is ignore them and own them :wgrin:

well, i can see you getting mad if you know that the person you’re playing is just some online scrub, that never gets off his computer. only a few people that play online play offline as well, and even fewer that will say the shit that they say online, offline.

but really, all you gotta do is talk shit back and piss them off more. especially if you’re winning. if they’re losing, they are DEFINITELY getting WAY more heated than you are.

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

Normal Person





End of thread.

Yeah. I would have kept playing. I personally would have let him talk shit till the cows came home, but when he looks and the Win/Lose bar, he knows whats really up.
Shit talking when your loseing is something A Lot of people do. In casuals, its mainly in good fun. But online you cant do a damn thing about it.

The Street Fighter community (and fighting games in general) really is one of the mature communities. Sure, you get some assholes, but nowhere near what you’d get if you played Halo or Madden. I still prefer arcades though. No one dares say anything to your face there (and there’s no lag).

I’m cool with you quitting, I’m not cool with you bitching about it here. You already know the 2 possible answers you are going to get on the forum:

1)Ignore the prick
2)Kick his scrubby ass.

well there is a good point in it being online. at least you wont be getting into a fight cause of it. imagine it happening in the cades.

You won’t be playing by yourself. He’ll come back later, and probably will have stepped up his game so you won’t totally rape him again. Never let scrubs cow you. You become the bitch then. You just quit like you were the one getting your ass handed to you. :shake: Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

lol internet drama

It always happen, dont waste your time on answer their shit and just play.

You shall burn in hell for that comment.

I feel exactly the opposite. Its one of the worst (online). I’m sure some of the older peoples who grew up in the arcades like myself who have a certain level of respect for the games we play (like Fatality dropping on UMK3 on XBL) Hell there is more respect in the UltimateMK.com community than here or anywhere else.

But if you dont like the way poeple act, only play people your familar with and no one else.:smokin:

I’ll get rich one day when I invent a way to stab people in the face over the internet.


Higher-Jin, i know how you feel. Dont let a troll talk to you, all you got to do is win a game and you’re out. Just leave him by giving him a loss. That’s it and that’s what i do, muhdafuka didnt come back.

Best thing I found when I used to play Kaillera online with random people was to remain silent the whole time. I wouldn’t say a word so if they got riled up and started making bad excuses or stupid comments like “you still suck even though you beat me”, if they remained I’d still whip their ass (90% of the time) and eventually they get sick of the one sided conversation and bail.

I guess it’s like forum trolls, if you respond to them they carry on, if you ignore it they shut up.

You can be a weak player and still win against someone who’s a lot better (especially the case online, but it could be true even offline). Plus, he could also be weak, his statement isn’t necessarily implying he was better (although he probably did think he was better).

Which server were you playing in? GodWeapon server has a feature where if a player is kicked out of a game, he cannot join again untli you remake it. It prevents join spam.

You know, he might have said “you are a weak player” because he thought the only way you beat him was because of that 3 second input delay you mentioned. Some people get pissed off a lot about this and they start saying shit. A lot of people talk shit after losing to input delay because they assume that the opponent is unaware of the delay (or that the delay made a big difference in the outcome of the match).

There’s a lot of horrible people online…just play everyone and find out who is reasonable and who is an idiot, then play people from that group. Pretty simple. Or…just play with friends and don’t play random people at all.

The general of the online asshats has arrived!

Why do so many Premium members troll? Oh yeah weren’t you the guy who said Brazil was just a bunch of amazons in the jungle and got banned for it?

Back to assholes online…I don’t really mind the people that call you autofire/macro or cheap after you win. It’s more of a compliment actually. As Kyokuji said, if you are really good you can just play around with them and do other things and see how much more they complain. I remember some guy one time said all I did was turtle and had no offense, so the next match I just rushed them down completely and they were stuck in the corner the entire time…he left after that.

Some veteran players (ie me) talk shit to some noobs just because there are some noobs that are just so incredibly bad…they play as if they were desynced. Sometimes I think these players are just mocking me by playing so bad because it’s hard to imagine how someone can repeatedly play that bad and not learn…when people refuse to learn from their mistakes, it frustrates me because it’s just the same thing over and over. But, if some noobs are willing to learn, then I try to help them…but chances are from my experience, they usually give up playing the game in a month at most.

Uhhhhhh…if that gets you frustrated, then you really should stop playing then.

i said serious business in the amazons. Also i pick on bigode all day long and he doesnt care.

You out of your ass pull things random yoda thinks.

That’s a good way to make the community grow! Discourage new players…
It’s seriously possible that they just don’t get what’s going on yet. Instead of receiving help, they just receive trash talk, think that the whole genre’ll turn out like that and not even try. If you show em a good time early on they’ll probably learn that it’s fun after all and you have a chance at a good, new player! I may be new to this whole thing but being an ass won’t help them to get better…