Disruptor-desu, Shield Slash-desho - the Elizabeth thread


Because we needed one.

General gist of things is that Liz is a keepaway character and, if you have the chance, you should be tossing out stuff to keep your opponent at the opposite end of the screen. That said, despite the thread title, you should NOT be spamming [S]Ziodyne[/S]Disruptor-desu since it isn’t as safe as it seems and certain characters (i.e. that delicious reverse trap Naoto) can punish you from full screen. Also, due to negative penalty, it’s disadvantageous to keep trying to run away, so you’re objective is to push your opponent away from you and not to move backwards.

Tools you can use to do this (aside from playing like a keepaway Magneto):

-Stand C can be used for pressure and full screen mixups, canceling the second slash into 2C is good for punishing mashers trying to hit your persona. Use when your opponent is able to read and punish Disruptodyne.

-Standing (5) B and jumping B is basically a mid-range version of Captain America’s “Shield Slash.” Hitting B again when it hits pulls your opponent in and can lead into combos.

-214C aka C.Maragidyne is basically a miniature Magnetic Shockwave, pushes your opponent away even when blocked. Take note that the D version of this pushes your opponent towards you.

-Her “R-Action” (B+D) is basically a command throw that does no damage, but will instead inflict a status effect depending on how much meter you have (0 - 49 SP: Charm, 50 - 99 SP: Poison, 100 - 149 SP: Fear, 150 SP: Confusion), it also throws you opponent Mr. T like (hella far).

-214A or B (Mabufudyne) launches your opponent and then freezes them, A is up close, B version is a bit further out. Freezing can lead to different combo setups, or you can just Disruptor them away. You can also do a second 214A to “juggle” them again, but they will no longer be frozen and will be able to tech out. Best to follow up by jumping and comboing.

-5AAAAA (bog standard autocombo to super)
-5AAA > 214A —> oh, your opponent’s frozen, go in and fuck 'em up.
—> 214C+D > 236A [25 SP]
—>dash in 2B > 5B > C *use only if you absolutely need your opponent at your feet.
—>dash in 2B > 5B > 236A
-5AAA > 214A > 214A > j.C
-5AAA > 214A > 214A > j.B > j.B > j.C
-5AA > (5B) > 2A+B > 236C+D[9~2] > 236D[2] > 5A > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 236AB
-5B > 5C(2) > j.C / 236A
-(5AA) > 5B > 2A+B > 236C+D[3~2] > (2A+B > 236D > 2A) > 5A/5B > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 214B> j.C [25 SP]
-5B > 2A+B > 236C+D[9~2] > j.236D[2] > 2A+B > 236D[9~2] > 2A > 5B > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 214B > j.C [4901 DM] [25 SP]
-5C(2) CH > 2C (Thanatos close to opponent) > 214B > 214C+D > 5C(2) > 2C > 236A+B [50 SP]
-5D/j.D > JA > JB > dj.A > JB > j.C
-5D/j.D > Delay Jump / Jump - IAD Back > JA (land) > 5A > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 214B > j.C [3191 DM]
-5D > 5B (Before Thanatos throws) > 2A+B > 236D[9~3] > 2A > 5B > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 214B > j.C
-5D/JD CH > 5B > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 236A+B [25 SP]
-2B CH > JB > 5A > 5B > 2A+B > 236C+D[2] then [3] > 5B > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 214C+D > 2C [4.1K DM] [50 SP]
-2B (AA) > JC > 236C+D[9] >236D[3] > 2A+B > 236D > 2A > 5B) > 5A > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 214B> j.C [25 SP]
-2C > 214B (Thanatos at other side of screen) > 214C+Di > (2A+B > 236D > 2A) > 5B > 5C(2) > 2C > 236A+B [4582 DM] [50 SP]
-JB > 5A > 5B > 2A+B > SB.Garu[3~2] > 5B > 5C(2) > 2C > 214B > 214B > j.C
-A+B(mash)-C > JA > JA > JA > JB > dj.A > JB > j.C

Take note that combos ending in j.C will have your opponent on the ground under you and any good players will likely tech and go for a reversal or close in for positining. If you’re going for position, it would be better to go for combos that push your opponent away, even if you trade some damage output to do so.

Most of this shizz was taken from Dustloop and Mayonaka Midnight with a few additions. Feel free to add your own (or point out any that aren’t worth it).


Thanks for these. I would probably main her if she was not such a glass cannon. That low stamina is crippling. -_-*


Just like to point out that the A-Version of Maziodyne is very unsafe on block. For example Naoto has enough time to shoot you from full screen if she blocks A.Zio.

Also, 214C/D (Maragidyne) doesn’t freeze. It was probably just a typo on your end but the freezing move is 214A/B (Mabufudyne). Mabufudyne is an air unblockable move so it could be used as an anti-air in certain situations.


Protip: if you like getting hit once maybe twice and losing…play liz


Glad someone made a thread

To get even more basic…you want to be using your stand C to get your persona out and use it to pressure…

after the 2nd slash of C, cancel into down C to blow up mashers trying to hit your persona

if they are just sitting and blocking more honest like, cancel into stand D and your persona will throw em back into you, and you combo

that is the real basis of Elizabeth play imo…fullscreen mixup pressure, not so much like beam spam pure zoning


Yeah, got confused there. Fixed it now.


If you have meter and are in awakening mode whether by activating mind charge or because of your health, you should have your opponent respect you with your command grab super. Especially if your opponent is in awakening mode as well the command grab super raw can kill most characters who are already in awakening state if you know the max range of that super. Also if you have 100 meter a great way to fake out your opponent and get that super raw is to do mind charge and since it has really fast recovery during the ending animation of mind charge you can buffer the grab super and use it ur your opponent pressed a button or just sat there and guarded. It’s really good to catch people off guard.

Also something I found out

"5C cannot be OMCed on block normally, but if you input a down direction as the second sword swing is about to hit or afterward, the game will then let you OMC the move. This is probably because the game thinks that you’re doing 2C after you input 2ABC, which is a move that can be OMCed on block. Keep this in mind if the regular 2C/5D mix up isn’t working against a tougher opponent (I.E. they are Instant Blocking the slashes to air guard the shout, or they have a guard point they can cancel into from 5A/2A to option select the shout’s armor whilst stuffing the grab)

j.D’s range is normally pretty pitiful. However since Thanatos’ summon position is behind Liz you can air turn so that your back is facing the opponent, and I shit you not, this will DOUBLE the grab’s range. Not only that, but it can also be considered faster since Thanatos’ position starts closer to the opponent instead of having to go past Liz. It’s pretty stupid how much this improves the move."


Was watching some of ChrisG’s matches and I noticed that he goes for alot of resets. So getting down data on those would be a big help for this thread.


Shouldn’t it just be desu-ruptor? :slight_smile:


Cool video


That Cr.C xx Mind Charge > Cr.C xx B.Bufu > AOA OMC > Ghastly Wail is a pretty sick combo ender for corner combos. Any time you can get a cr.c in the corner, you can do that.


I liked the part where he did the same combo again and again for 9 minutes


Not sure why people are watching ChrisG for Elizabeth. He is very good for how long he has played the game - apparently 2 hours according to him. Obviously you want to search for Japanese matches, specifically SBO or SBO qualifiers.

Unfortunately I only saw one streamed match of an Elizabeth at SBO: [media=youtube]WJzyVn0vBnc[/media]


is 5C>5C>2C>214B not possible or is the timing just really tight?


Bad post in general


5c cannot link to 2c unless one of two conditions are satisfied:

The 5c is in a fatal counter, or the 5c is a counter hit.
The opponent is airborne.

Against a grounded, non-feared opponent, 2c will not link after the 5c(2).

If you’re gonna call someone out, you should at least explain why they’re wrong :confused:


Thank yall so much!! The double distance command grab helps out soooo much as well as that corner combo is soooo nasty!!


Some vids I found helpful:

Info sources:


Damosu Elizabeth vs Satochi Mitsuru First to 10


This matchup is one of Elizabeth’s worst so it’s pretty good studying material.


im at a loss for shadowlab…hate that bitch… and yu is so solid im not too sure bout him either