Dissapointed with KOF 13's Placement at Evo 2013

This definetely isn’t the case but it keeps bugging my mind that Politics may have played out a part in KOF 13’s placement at a very unwelcoming hour of 10 am come evo 2013, I guess it still boils down to lack of sponsors but I wonder what else is a factor, because now i see next year’s evo bumping KOF off and stating… “There wasn’t many in attendance” it’s like a good show being put into the dreaded Friday Night Spot where it’s set up to inevitably fail.


Some games are actually having Finals on Friday night…so little bit of exaggeration here.

This might sound a little conspiracy-nutty but considering KOF was indisputably EVO2012’s most hype grand finals, seeing it knocked down to 10 AM when the venue won’t even be half full seems like protectionism of Capcom games and/or favortism of companies with the most cash. Injustice, a game that hasn’t really yet proven itself as a quality tournament game, is given a preferential timeslot over KOF. Smash is given a better timeslot.

Granted, both these games have bigger turnouts than KOF, but KOF still got nearly 500 people and has a proven track record of being an excellent tourney game that delivers insane hype.

My respect for EVO has been declining these past few years as I see more and more of its decision making process governed by cash rather than supporting games that require more skill/brain power. It’s like replacing chess with checkers, then eventually checkers with hungry hungry hippos.

I suppose it’s the natural EVOlution (hur) of casualized markets. For me as someone that respects the skill, intellect and sport of FGs, it’s very disappointing.

-dead- @ Hungry Hungry Hippos, LOLLLLLLLLLLL

And I sure am seeing KOF be put in the cutting room for next year’s evo for the reason “It wasn’t hype” or “Venue had few viewers”…

i mean the underexposure of a good fighting game… who benefits… it may not be the case but it certainly spells conspiracy

This year’s top 8 for KOF were easily the most hype matches next to MVC3 but only cause of the action Wong was bringing. I think injustice should have gotten the AM slot and this game should have come after melee.

Yeah but the attendance although looking good on the stream is probably less than half of last year’s so Evo can use this as an excuse to Axe KOF from next year.

I Had hoped Reynald had collided with Xian in KOF in this tourney… kinda like champion vs champion

Tokido had the privilege of fighting both champions though

lol 10 AM too early. I remember laughing a bit when the announcers said that on stream.

one could argue the same thing about Reynald, his story was similar to justin’s in UMvC3.