Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the ultimate fighting game of 2018! u heard it first here!extraxtreme


the ultimate of the ultimate! I played the beta for several hours and I was so surprised that the beta told me that it was over right up to last beta match I played! I didnt expect to play for the full length of the beta. was just expecting to play it like 1 hour, but played over 4 hours of it and it has ultimate potential and definitely the #1 pick for ultimate fighting game of 2018! Dissidia deserves its own ongoing series on PS4 and PS5. I always knew the series would have greater quality on console and I am right. while Duodecim has more depth in areas, the overall fighting in NT raises the standards with more accessibility, yet new depth that the classic Dissidia games don’t have, especially with the revolutionary 3 vs 3 foundation (yes games like Xenoverse have 3 vs 3, but Dissidia NT actually has more technical skill based depth and team synergies instead of spamming). it also has 1 vs 1, but NT proves that Dissidia style combat is better with a 3 vs 3 format, plus it adds to the nostalgia from FF games that have a 3 member party in fights.

even the single player rush mode is addicting. even though there’s no open overworld like Duodecim has, the Dissidia games were always weak in storytelling (some people even hate Terra’s personality compared to how she was in FFVI. So better for Dissidia to focus on the fighting than storytelling, cause even the fans torn apart the plot of the PSP games and realized how dumb it was.)
as Street Fighter II has proven, a fighting game doesnt need a story or center on story to have a great game thats played over the generations. stories in fighting games are just an afterthought and the games really are evaluated on their gameplay, selection and gameplay related content (and we seen how Star Wars Battlefront 2 sacrificed a chunk of its budget for AAA story campaign production values, and see how that went. even Battlefront 1, which didnt have story, was better received).

well I can type all day about how great Dissidia NT’s fighting system and 3v3 format is, though fighting fans can see the proof in the pudding, Dissidia NT is shaping up to a masterpiece, and the only area where it may be lacking, is dependant on which characters, how many, and how soon they will be added to the core game, cause we know there’s still a lot of missing favorites, including the ones in Duodecim, so NT has a lot of expectations to deal with as well as beyond that. it is said they plan at least 50 characters for the game, perhaps they could surpass expectations in the total roster selection and overall quality picks for various tastes.

and yes Dissidia FF NT is a fighting game, a much greater fighting game than Power Stone games, SSB games, NSUNS series, and a lot of other fighting games combined!! sorry if that offends someone, but hey, OPINIONS!!

so while you think I’m insane, at least the mainstream FF fans and open minded Dissidia fans are loving it, so Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s qualities gotta be acknowledged.
and don’t dare bring up shilling comments, cause you know I could stay quiet about my opinion and praise about it, and even in a scenario where if I happened to hate it,
Dissidia FF NT is STILL gonna sell like hotcakes, so there!!


Oh god. I was excited as a FF fan and then I saw affinity making this thread.

I…I need to sit down. Think about the choices I’ve made.


It is my fault for procrastinating the thread.
R.I.P. Dissidia, 2016 -2017


oh my waffles. is SRK opposite land when it comes to my hype and opinions and stuff? ><
like I mean really, the “I’m only gonna like things that are opposite of what you like cause your affinity” thing is sooooo tartar sauce.
and the “I will stop liking things I discover you like also” is like soooo awkward pancakes.


I don’t trust or respect anything with the tag ‘U HEARD IT FIRST HERE!EXTRAXTREME’. ESPECIALLY if it’s used ironically.

Look, this is not a fighting game. This is Final Fantasy Smite. It’s a MOBA. It has objectives, supports, tanks, assassins, maps, 3v3 combat, etc. Which is fine, nothing wrong with that beyond player preferences. But we’re not gonna see this at EVO or any major event any time soon.

I love Final Fantasy. I enjoyed Dissidia (012 moreso). I might even enjoy this. But no fighting game is going to be taken seriously if it needs 6 (SIX!) people to play a standard match. The logistics alone are enough to stop it from being accessible casually or professionally


are you kidding me? I heard Guardian Heroes 6 players versus had a tournament at EVO once (or maybe it was someplace else, but Guardian Heroes of all things got tournaments, so could Dissidia NT).

and why you think competitive games above 4 players can’t be done casual nor professionally? Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has 100 players. Overwatch has 6 vs 6 and has an esport.

and Dissidia NT is not a MOBA, not even close.its a fighting game a MOBA involves defending objectives, even Overwatch is not a MOBA considering it has no minions aspect like the format series like League of Legends uses. it would be like calling Team Fortress games MOBA which they are not, they are team shooters.

and it is insane claiming it’s not a fighting game, and letting Smash Bros get a pass just because it’s from nintendo and because SRK chooses to promote it since I guess nintendo pays for sponsorships or something.

but no, thinking SSB is fighting game and Dissidia isn’t, that is bias, favoritism and unfair evaluation of a game’s genre just because it’s not like Street Fighter or not even 2D gameplay in a confined space or simple enough to have 2 players local fights (which reminds me, Dissidia NT also supports 1vs1 fights).

Dissidia NT is a fighting game and been acknowledged as such even when the PSP games were new.
also NT is more of a fighting than the previous games, because things are more focused and balanced instead stats all over the place.

next you’re gonna say For Honor 1v1 duels doesn’t count as a fighting game…

Anyways here’s a short essay why Maria should be one of the new playable characters in Dissidia NT and should be one of the priority characters that are added as DLC.

It would be great if FF fans request Square Enix to add FFII Maria as a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, she deserves it and it would raise her popularity as well promote FFII even greater.
FFII Maria is so overlooked and underrated. like seriously, she’s the first official strong female character in the very first character driven FF (FFII), she can master all weapons and all magic and one of the rarest (and first) FF protagonists to wield a bow as her signature weapon. She’s practically the mother of heroines in FF series.

and here’s a quote from another rare FFII fan that acknowledges Maria is greater than the majority of the FF fanbase realize:

Also, whenever Firion has 0 HP in FFII, Maria is always next in line to be the playable leader. After Firion and Emperor, Maria should be next in line.
yea I know there are some that prefer Minwu cause he got that extra story that leads a party to fight the heaven emperor, however, Dissidia’s core prioritizes the original version of Final Fantasy for their games (that’s why FFIII’s protagonist is Onion Knight in Dissidia instead of Luneth), and at the very core of FFII, Maria is alongside Firion, and not counting Emperor, she is only 2nd to Firion. and Maria is with Firion for the entire adventure.

yes we don’t know if NT will add another FFII character, but regardless what the devs and loudest favorites are, historically and to celebrate the series first true powerful heroine in FF franchise,
Maria promotion, glorification, representation and playable status in Dissidia is long overdue.

its up to the fanbase to help Square Enix realize how important she is to the series and how her existence helped influence later popular heroines, and Maria herself is still one of a kind, and FFII’s lore being open to weapon and magic masteries, Dissidia could choose a interesting style for her.
more than Rosa, Rydia, Lenna, Faris, Celes, Tifa, Rinoa, Yuna, Ashe, Serah, Dissidia NT really should add FFII Maria to the playable selection.
yes it’s an opinion, but considering Dissidia also celebrates and represents the origins of each mainline FF game and presents the most influential characters and secondary characters, as well as characters that inspired later characters of their kind, Maria being playable in Dissidia would be beneficial for the FF fans, franchise, FFII’s recognition, and the beginning of strong female characters in the series. plus, with Nomura’s appealing Dissidia hybrid art style that combines their own artstyle with Amano’s legendary character design inventions, Maria’s appearance and presentation can be even greater in Dissidia NT.


So I’m gonna leave this nonsense with this lesson in logistics.

In the FGC, tournaments are run by the community. They can be sponsored and in some occasions hosted by the core company for the game a la Capcom Cup. All setups are donated/borrowed. They also all coexist simultaneously and take, at most, a weekend to start and finish. This is different from most E-Sports in that the tournaments only utilize the same 10+ computers, instead rotating teams out, and opt for a League format instead of a Weekend format, with the core tournaments taking place online except for the finals which are hosted at one specific location. This setup for E-Sports greatly reduces the number of needed participants at anyone one time, and allows them to get through hundreds of players and matches more evenly and efficiently, albeit slowly often taking up several months.

Now what if everyone gets squeezed down into a weekend? What would happen? Lets start with setup. In the FGC, you need to share. Share TVs, share stations, share consoles. For Dissidia NT to function, you need 6 TVs, 6 Consoles, 6 Wired Controllers and 6 competitors. Three monitors against Three other monitors right behind them. Those are HUGE stations that take up a ton of room. Moreover, that’s a ton of wireless connectivity straining the router of whatever venue the building is located at, thanks to no local multiplayer (unconfirmed at the moment, but nothing has been shown to have split screen and the nature of the game means it’s unlikely) all connecting to one another. At a big FGC event, everything is going to move at a snails pace. Not exactly fast, exciting gameplay or tight controls needed for a good tournament match. Another part of why E-Sports go a league route is that it doesn’t need to have 50+ matches going at one time using the same bandwidth, it just has a carefully regulated set of consoles to manage.

This is all without the human element involved. In order to get a match going, a lot of things can go wrong through a lot of human shenanigans. In a 1v1 scenario, it’s not uncommon for there to be delays. Maybe someone is playing at another game. Maybe someone left their wireless controller connected and needs to be tracked down to reset it. Maybe someone has severe jet lag and isn’t even up yet. Maybe someone has a plane to catch. Each is a common problem at tournaments that needs to be hammered out before the game can even start. 3v3 means the chances of something like this happening effectively triple. It’s even more detrimental than just a 3x multiplier: all it takes is one person to not show up to delay a match, be it in a 1v1 or a 3v3. There are 4 more people capable of screwing things up in this scenario. That’s not even addressing the giant problem of finding them and getting them to where they need to be on time.

Bottom line is that it’s too big, too bulky, and not at all built to happen smoothly in a traditional FGC weekend. It would be done much better in a league style format like E-Sports has. Which is all well and good, but a big draw of going to a FGC tournament is that ALL the fighters are there. You’ll see people on OG Darkstalkers or Nidhogg or 3rd Strike or Project M as well as a veritable ocean of veterans. To include all the stuff needed for a proper Tournament Match would take too much of pretty much everything.

It’s a square peg in the FGC round hole. It won’t fit so it won’t be well received by a tournament going community. Better it be it’s own thing than try to force something to change just for it. You won’t see it streamed at Final Round, but nothing says it can’t be holding it’s own league (with blackjack and hookers) somewhere else in the meantime.


I believe this a first where I’ve seen something describe something else in a negative manner with ‘tarter sauce’…


Let’s abandon this thread for the original one


see? it is a fighting game


english open beta doesn’t require PS+. Jan 12 to 21.


the times are 6:00 PST to 13:00 PST