Dissidia Final Fantasy wallpaper with everybody in it


Being a fan of Final Fantasy, I put together a wallpaper with the revealed character roster in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

It’s pretty cluttered, since it’s got so many people crammed in there, but I wanted it to have all of the characters.



^^Nice. My new PSP background.


Metrosexual montage!

Nice work by the way :stuck_out_tongue:


Good job! and I’m not even a fan.


Here’s a version that’s made for the PSP dimensions



^^Aahhhh Thanks.



Nice. Could you post a rar with the pics you used? Can’t seem to find any artwork except from magazine scans…



This, and your wallpaper just made me realize that Kuja is showing even more skin than CoD :shake:


Kuja is the hotness though.


sure, I’ll upload the individual character files. Cloud and Seph, I don’t have though. I took the images of them from the magazine scans and edited them.


Hey PS, could you possibly provide me with the cleaned up picture of Terra? I’m hoping to make a psp wallpaper with it.

Thanks man. As always, love the work:tup:




Wow, great job! :tup:


There’s the pics, plus other ones.


Nice:tup: Thanks, PS.


My PSP wouldn’t mind this. Good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


That PSP BG is awesome. Good work! :tup: I’d rep you if the forum would let me.


Thanks :smiley:


Wow, that’s really cool


thats going on my fighstick!