Distribution board failure

Hey Tech Talk.

I did a bit of searching and didn’t find a lot so I hope I’m not breaking any rules by making this thread. I slapped in a PS360+ into my MadCatz Fightstick Pro (the red one) and it seems that somewhere between last week (which was when I last played with my stick) and today, my distribution board has failed. By distribution board, I mean the panel that connects wires from the buttons with a matching row for wires that go to the PCB. I think that’s the name for it anyway.

All buttons work fine, except for my roundhouse button! To ensure that this wasn’t an issue with the PS360+, I wired a different button to the 3K terminal, which worked. Next, I made sure it wasn’t my button by swapping cables with the triple kick button. The button is fine. This leads me to believe that it is the distribution board.

So here’s my question. What would be the easiest way to get everything working again? I’m assuming I should do away with the distribution board entirely and daisy chain a ground wire for the eight action buttons, and then remove the disconnects from the distribution board end and cut/strip to screw the signal wire into the PS360+? All advice is welcomed. I don’t have a whole lot of know-how with soldering and wiring, but know the basics.

EDIT: Throwing out the distribution board solved my issue. Everything works normally now. Sorry for the thread!