District 9. *OP=Spoiler free; beware of the rest of the thread*

After the sci-fi garbage piles that have been released lately involving nothing more than robots, explosions, and spin-cam…this was quite refreshing.

Left me desiring a bit more story-wise (but I’ll take that as a mystery aspect of it and call it a good thing…i could see them messing that up), but I felt that THIS was how a modern sci-fi should be done. The special effects were definitely 2009, the story had you needing to know what happened next, and goddamn if it wasn’t a steady uphill climb once the action gets going.

I recommend. Discuss.

Hindsight says Dugg still hates shaky cam. I mean, when it’s from the perspective of a cameraman in the field, sure…but all the time? less bourne plz.

I’m seeing it tomorrow, I think…

Also seeing this tomorrow.

i thought it was a great movie, very good look at how people will turn on you if you become “one of them”… i loved the movie and enjoyed every second of it…

people who didn’t enjoy the movie i think just went into it for the explosions and that’s all they really wanted…

Aside from being a little heavy handed and even making the main character unlikeable at times I thought it was a dope movie

Saw two screenings this week. Amazing film. I wanted to play Half-Life when I got home :stuck_out_tongue:

went to the midnight release with high hopes and i ended up feeling similar to the OP, it needed to delv deeper into the aliens and outer space imo. it started out good but then got very wraped up with the 2 main characters, and lost sight of the large scale issue at hand. but i wasn’t THAT let down it was still a decent movie, and if the obvious sequal gets made it has alot of potential to explain the questions i had(and the makers probably wanted you to have questions).

I always thought that David Bowie’s contact juggling scene in Labyrinth was the tightest thing I had ever seen.

There was a Dude at the renaissance fair I went to like 2 or 3 years ago who put on a good show with that shit. It was tight.

The site and companion sites got me hype for this move that I’ve never heard of until twenty minutes ago.

did you feel there was enough oppression… i know from seeing the trailer they had alot of interrogation type footage, maybe that would have hit with some people…

time to download! haha yes im a pirate :wink:

I don’t understand pirating movies that are meant to be seen on a big screen. Like some comedy shit sure whatever, but like an action packed sci-fi movie? Yeah let’s watch it in my bedroom on a computer monitor! Pfft.

= ) or download to the external to watch on a ps3 haha

be a man and watch it in theatres


Fuck that noise. My nipples get all hard and shit in theaters.

I’m doing that shit.

Has anyone else ever taken their pants off in a movie theater?

Not all the way off…

Movie was pretty sweet, I saw it yesterday before hotness.

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