Disturbing mental imprints that you can't shake off


So this morning I woke up totally awake and ready earlier than usual. Just as I was about to step outside, I heard some thud sounds from the direction of the master bedroom. I thought somebody had hurt themselves so I approached quietly to see what happened. I looked far enough through the half-open door to have the displeasure of witnessing my parents totally going at it. My eyes started to burn. As I walked down my street,I started to realize what another forumer meant when he created a thread asking whether you would rather watch adult films with your parents or adult films featuring your parents. You can’t un-remember anything. I needed to make this thread to remind anybody who still lives at home that if you ever hear unusual noises coming from you-know-where, DON’T bother to investigate, no matter what. Your curiosity is not worth your mental health and well-being, trust me on this.


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great movie.


Orange cranberry muffins are top tier.


the movie eraserhead

everything about it.


:u:What he said.


Marlin Pie…


Requiem for a Dream