Dive Kick at point blank range?



Trying to figure out something. I notice a lot of Yuns on GGPO able to combo off of Dive Kick at point blank range. Like, right on top of the dude, Dive then 123. I didn’t think it was combo-able and I fired up training mode and tried it out. The Dive kick has very little hit stun, so trying to combo at such close range seems all but impossible. However, if you do the Dive Kick at about Kara-Throw range it’s pretty easy to do his combo.

So, how are they able to do it? Is it some weird GGPO voodoo? Should I forward my ports for success? My instinct is telling me that what they’re doing only works online, because they’ve done it to me at close range and I know I should be at least able to throw them and nothing happens.


GGPO will never make an impossible combo real.
Depends on how deep the dive kick hits, like any other air attack.


Maybe you should spectate a few GGPO Yuns :wink: . Probably a lag issue because if I try to throw them or hit them out with Jab or whatever if they do a point blank Dive Kick, I never get my move out, and I eat their combo. I don’t think it’s possible to hit a deep dive Kick that close. It has to be at about Kara-throw range. But these guys on GGPO throw out Dive Kicks like they’re going out of style.


It just looks like theyre doing it freely. They’re deceiving you mate


Lag will never create new combos, it would be a different game and a huge flaw in ggpo implementation.


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Dive kick(HK/MK)->xxgj is a well-known set up, but it has to connect low enough to become a meaty, just like ESN said. Indeed, the stun is not significant compared to Akuma’s dive kick, but this special move has really low start up,thus can be spammed.Yun can dive kick at an opponent anytime , while he is jumping on the air.

Beating yun’s dive kick game is one of the keys to win the match. Some chararcters have good counter moves like Chun-li HK, Ryu/Ken/Akuma shoryuken, etc.
If you use a character without an anti-air attack, you have to try and parry, counter that shit more often. Or block high and grab.

If the dive kick hits you as a cross up in the corner or during crouched pose, the hit stun is increased. Even if it does not connect as a meaty, yun will xxgj for free.


^That makes a lot of sense. Okay, I’m going to ask what to do in this situation.

I main Dudley. Yun gets right in my face, jump, MK Dive, I think he’s going to hit a button (either throw, 123, whatever) so I hit throw, oh shit he jumps again, my throw whiffs, I eat another point blank Dive. At this point I’m just blocking, I do not want to get randomed out and eat a Genei Jin combo. If I try to escape by jumping or maybe dash away, *that *is when they start doing the 123, throw out a normal that knocks down, etc.

I know Dud has some good AA options against the Twins, but the problem is that they eventually catch onto this, they get that knock down, and start using that Dive Kick setup that I described. Like 90% of GGPO Yuns do that setup. I’m still learning, so any help is appreciated.


They jump and dive kick again to avoid grab, but that does not always work. When your see your throw whiff, be ready to guard the next dive kick or counter with an anti-air move. If the dive kicks hits you high, you can grab immeadiately.
However, some players have mastered the dive kick range and the meaty set ups, so its harder to counter. You will be able to defend better, when you have more experience with the match up. You could spectate some pro players who beat Yuns(above average players) to get an idea about some effective strategy.