Dive kick is not cancellable if hit high?

if i hit a regular shoto, from the waist up, i cannot combo into any other move. and i am using the ps2 version.

is there any combos that can well, combo if i hit the divekick high on the body?

is this the same for the arcade? i have yet to test it out

As far as Akuma is concerned, his only handicap on the console (ps2 or xbox) is that he can be grabbed out of his command overhead (f + mp). You can’t grab him out of that move in the arcade. Not even a Gigas!

If you want to see how early you can land the divekick in order to combo, your best bet is to experiment with either

  1. Put rapid fire on whatever poke you’ll follow up with. If it combo’d with rapid fire then you know you can do it - just get the timing. Or
  2. Training mode against Ken - put him in the corner. Stand next to him. Now jump and divekick. Ken can’t be crossed up by Akuma, so your divekick will hit him early plus you’ll land in front of him. If you can combo that divekick well, then you have your timings down bloody well. But this isn’t easy - so get ready for some frustrating practice sessions :tup:

Yep, you can’t combo hits after high dive kick, even in the arcade. Deep dives only, and the best target is the feet. This is one of the most frustrating things about playing with Gouki.


Yeah, you’ve got to position your self and time it well. If you by chance miss time it and you know you have, you can go for a couple of shorts for the hit confirm, or do something random like over head or kara throw. It’s kind of a hit confrm on it’s own in a sense, the amount of mind games you can do with it is huge, aswell as his demon flip.

Gotta get him to do a lower hit, then you could follow up with a kick.

If your divekick has been blocked but they’ll still be in block stun when you land, then keep poking away. If it looks like they might be able to grab you, you can try

  1. Jump away fireball, confirmed to super if you see them attempting that throw or poke
  2. Demon flip. This looks very confusing and I used this very well in the SBO qualifiers.

But you would be surprised at what points a connecting divekick can be combo’d. Obviously feet is safer, but you can hit a lot earlier and still combo - just the timing is harder - thats why I advised trying it out with rapid fire.

Again though, if the kick connects in a way that you fear getting thrown on landing, go into demon flip. If their throw attempt whiffs, you can go into a combo. If they poke out, do an early dive kick, then repeat the whole process. If they dont, just go for the grab or a really deep dive kick.

The short short super in this situation works good as well, but from my experience against good players, they usually parry low when a jump in attack didn’t hit meaty enough to combo. If I did go for a ground poke instead of demon flip, I’d go for mk - which can be cancelled into super if it connects, or you can start kara mind games if it is blocked.


I tested it out and yes, you can combo the dive kick into the FIERCE dragon punch from ANY range (even hitting from the highest point, the head/shoulder area, and it would still combo!)
That is, if you time it right.

It’s his quickest move in the game (according to the Brady Games’ guide frame data info sheet thingie: 1 frame startup. Don’t know how accurate their error-ridden guide is, though)
I think his mp dp might also work, but his fierce dp works for sure.

Of course, it’s risky as hell and you can’t hit confirm the dp right after the dive kick (unless you see your opponent stick a move out or something) so I suggest you to not go for it.
Instead, try to hit it deep/below the waist and follow HarmoNaz’s advice.

Heaven speaks the truth :rofl: Fierce dragon is indeed VERY FAST startup. Damn - whenever I get a divekick and I’m in doubt about my normal followup options - I just go for a hurricane and hope for the best. But the dragon is so much better as a hit confirm because of what Heaven just said.

Thanks man :tup: Really needed that reminded - I’m gonna start messing around with that now. Much appreciated mate :tup:

Has to be low hit confirm to combo it…most people combo into a super or mk.