Dive kick -> Target combo timing?

About 90% of the time after a successful dive kick on my opponent, either a) I get thrown, or b) We end up teching. Player I was playing with last night said he thinks there’s a timing to doing the 123 after the dive kick.

Is there indeed a timing to this? I didn’t think so before, but after all the throwing and teching, I don’t see how there isn’t. I’d also like to make it clear that this player doesn’t know a whole lot about Yun and hardly ever uses him, so maybe we’re both wrong. I dunno.

There’s just certain ranges you have to memorize to be able to target combo after dive kicks.

When you hit someone with a dive kick, there’s a small recovery as Yun drops from the air to the ground. Depending on how long this recovery is, and how far you are from the opponent when you hit the ground, you may have to throw (or jump and LK dive kick to beat your opponent’s throw) or you might get to land a target combo, or you might land at a pretty far distance and still have frame advantage, in which you can do all kinds of stuff. Memorizing these ranges is just something you will gradually do as you play Yun a lot. My advice is try to hit the other dude in the hips with the HK dive kick.

i thought you had to him them low (I.E. below their waist or something) , I I KNOW LITTLE about yun but…yeah it seems to make sense.

EDIT: plus, Iv’e had a history of giving out Crap Yun info when i first joined, so Mariodood’s info should be bettter then mine.

Both of you were right.

In training mode, I tested this out, and if I hit to high or at the chest, and do the target combo, it says 3 hit combo on the screen, meaning that my dive kick didn’t link with it. But whenever I hit the training character low below the waist and did 123, it came up 4 hit combo on the screen, meaning it linked.

So if it hits high, a tech or techs can happen, since there’s an open window because I couldn’t link it. If it hits low below the waist, it can be linked.

That’s pretty much what I’ve gotten unless you can link any dive kick and I’m just confused now. :sweat: Again last night, after every dive kick I did, a tech happened. Meaning I wasn’t hitting the dive kick correctly. I would also assume that even if you hit the dive kick correctly, there is sort of a timing involved right when you hit the ground and do the 123.

If I’ve done this wrong and/or not getting the correct results, please correct me.

Bumping this thread cause after playing against someone else’s Yun the other day on NFBA, I noticed something else with Yun’s dive kicks.

There was a point in the match where Yun was doing a series of dive kicks against me. It was about 3 dive kicks. After the first two dive kicks, I tried to throw each time when Yun landed, but Yun was able to jump right back up and do another dive kick. Does Yun jumping right after a dive kick allow him to not get teched? Maybe I’m just timing the throw wrong?

This might be another answer to my problems, because like I said in my main post, that each time I dive kicked, then tried 123, I would end up getting thrown, and myself and my opponent would tech each other. But if my dive kick goes wrong, I might be able to just do a series of dive kicks to avoid techs, and be able to mix it up a bit.

If yun hits you he has little to no lag on his dive kick so if he superjumps when he lands he’s safe. If you block it he has considerably more lag on the ground and you can throw him if he’s above the waist. However, if it’s below the waist and you block he has enough advantage that he can jump back up before the throw comes out.
Or at least that’s how it seems to me.

Walk into Yun and throw lol

But seriously, I have this little pattern that seems to work all the time if you wanna land a command grab or maybe even the chain…

I do jump toward rh divekick, then hold straight up, and do a short divekick. What will happen is:

a) you’re now in a range where command grab connects but their throw whiffs.
b) your short divekick whiffs right infront of them and you can command grab

This basically works for me 95% of the time. The rh to short divekick creates the perfect distance pretty much no matter where the first rh divekick connected.


Well first yeah it depends on where you hit them (shins are the best you can get I gues) and if you are afraid of throws just jump again and do another divekick. I’ve never been thrown when I was going for the 2nd one (using Yang though but as far as I know their divekicks are pretty much the same…same goes for target combo)

the way i do it (on shotos definitly, anyone else…maybe,ill have to test it)but shotos you just aim for their belt. divekick hits waist >free 123

the hitbox for their knees and “belt” are the same

the knees and below is where you most want to hit

if you hit shoto below knees you cant do the norm 123…you can only st.strong > st.fierce > palm (or w\e variant starts with st.strong)

it is however the safest place to hit cause lets be honest if dude is getting hit by divekicks all day hes not good anyway most people will parry/block

idk if i would say its the safest, i mean its useful for the BnB and alota dif mixups (throws, low attacks, overheads, st.strong>w\e) but @ the belt-knees range it combos or allows you to tech throw if blocked. ie free dmg\as much safety as you can ask for while dive kicking. hitting them anywhere above the belt typically gets my yun thrown thou, which is stupid hard to tech, for me. xept up close when u preferably *hit them lower than their head *with lk divekick which is also ok for mixups.


if you hit them above the belt and you feel you are going to get thrown, superjump > parry on the way up > mixup divekick

if you hit them AT the waist then 123 > dash or activate

if you hit them AT the knees then do above

if you hit them right below the knees then do s.mp > s.lk > dashpunch or s.mp > s.hp> b+hp take the knockdown and mixup more

yun is all about momentum and taking whatever chance he can to get a knockdown to get another mixup… not >123> genijin combo even though thats how i play him

gs i got nothin to add to that but i got a question. any point to the superjump above the waist or is neutral jump just as good?