Dive kicks and their quality

A number of characters in this game have dive kicks and dive kick like moves but I’m curious whose the best. Rufus SEEMS the best to be but besides him who has the best dive kick moves, and who has the worst?


Rufus can cross up with his.
Juri’s can tac on air kicks very simply, and can lead to a big combo.

Really up to you I suppose.

Also Cammy’s is the worst. :sad:

dive kicks in order of best>worst;

rufus>juri>cammy>dhalsim drills>lili

It’s a pale shadow of her SSF4 dive kick…

But anyway, Juri I think has the best, then Rufus, then…I guess whoever’s left with a dive kick? The others don’t seem to stand out to me

Ling’s dive kick is pretty good. She can cover almost full screen with it

Try Lili.

Hworang has a dive kick.

akuma’s normal one rarely even combos.

whats the best thing to do against Rufus divekick pressure?
played a kid today and i got bodied.

Depends on which character you are, if you absolutely hate rufus start playing as ogre.

Use Autotech Gem, punch Rufus once, then hold downback :shy:

I feel like Hugo shuts down Rufus’s crap…

Idk, hugo and ogre was the team I originally ran, rufus gave my hugo a ton of shit. idk hugos throw being slower sucks, lariat can be good but if you whiff it your screwed.

xiayou has the worst divekick. While its +3 on block it has horrid startup. Use it sparringly. The key to beating Rufus dive kids is to stay mobile force him to commit and anti air his feet which is where the hurt box is. You can also go air to air with him but be care due to jump roundhouse. It takes awhile to learn how to fight Rufus, trust me I know. I’ve been playing against Rufus every weekend since 2009

It’s ass. It’s really slow and really whiff punishable.

Pick Rolento, get on is face and start frame trapping. If they’re a SF4 scrub, you’ll keep be able to keep them in blockstun for the entire match.