Divekick Angles, check it out!


Does S-Kill always teleport straight up? I feel like he can teleport up+forward, or maybe I’m imagining that?


That’s his Trick special ability. He teleports to right above and behind where you are.


The image in the OP just got pimped out severely…




holy shit what? That’s amazing. All we are missing is frame data. I know some of it but I’ll wait 'til official stuff comes out.


pretty sure the height for Stream is wrong in 2.0. With kickback he gets extremely high. Edit nvm just saw the fine print, ie (…except kickback and specials)

What does A/G/KF in ‘Meter build’ mean? Afaik you only get meter from kicking and subsequently landing on the ground.


It’s the amount of times you need to kick before you are able to use your Air special, Ground special, or Kick Factor.


Huh…so…I guess the Baz gains almost nothing from a Style Gem? That’s disappointing.


Assuming the chart’s right, style gem is worthless on every character.


I wonder how much of a difference Dive and Kick gems make, then. Because now I’m wondering if pretty much all gems are worthless.


The numbers are there, just add 10%.

I don’t think they’re worthless. As a Kung Pao player, the Dive gem helps me against some matchups, including Pao mirrors. The Kick gem gives me a little extra speed, which means the opponent has a bit less time to react. Then you have to consider kick factor, which gems give a boost to.


You can see everything in the game in the .xml files. Fyi dive gives you a 6% multiplier, kick is 12%

Edit: Actually those may be gems not actually active in the game though, not totally sure.


what a mysterious game


Could I trouble you for a copy of the XML files? I don’t have the Steam version.