Divekick problems

I play a fairly decent dudley often. Whenever i Dive kick him he grabs me as soon as I hit the ground and I cant tech it. He also grabs me when i cross him up with divekick also. Is their anyway to stop this.

You’re doing the Dive Kicks to high. When you hit above the chest, it’s a free throw or punish. You have to position them so it’ll hit below the waist so that you’re be able to block, do your bnb or tech throws. Instead of crossing up with Dive Kicks, use jumping mk instead because it’s a good ambitious cross-up tool if you position correctly.

I hope this helps.

The other day I watched a Rufus use j.HP and thought ‘oh yeah… DK isnt the only option!’

As far as dive kicks another thing u can do is immediately dive kick again… especially if you know they are mashing grab. you should get a free combo, and the second dive kick is easier to land lower. Dudley can DP it or c.lp but at least it gets him thinking.

Yes, immediate divekick after the first is the best option if you keep getting grabbed. Unfortunately if Dudley is crouch teching to stop you grabbing him then he is one of the characters whose cr.LK beats out low divekick, so you’ll have to mix in high divekicks to counter that :slight_smile:

Just remember, the reason he is grabbing you so much is because he’s scared of you grabbing him so use that to your advantage.

Hehe, I thought the same thing when iw atched a rufus do j hk to get in.

As a rule of thumb, randomise the number of times you dive kick but still pay attention to player trends. Most players are conditioned into blocking or OS if they don’t know what to do and both can be beaten via BnB (for former, st.lk block confirm, grab/continue combo). Sometimes it’s even better after dive kicks to wait and block against knee-jerk players; watch them pull off their panic special, then hit them for free.

If you see them grab you more then once after a dive kick, mix him up with different attacks. The most obvious one will be another dive kick into a beefy combo, or ultra if you have the bar. I find that a second dive kick works around 90 percent of the time if they are reactive players. If they are more cautious you will have to find a way to open them up. Favorite thing to do against jab spammers is to dive kick them to death while they’re throwing jabs. I will seriously dive kick like 5 times until they get the point… :slight_smile:

This is wrong. Rufus’ divekick recovers instantly on the ground and is always safe on block. You can divekick as high as you want and never get punished if it’s blocked. Really high divekicks are -1 at the very worst and the only thing that will punish you is a reversal Gief or T.Hawk ultra. You will get thrown out of normals if the throw is timed well and you press something instead of jumping to do another divekick, but it’s never guaranteed and you can always tech or jump.

Sorry I actually look shit up or test it before posting. Rufus divekicks are never punishable on block by anything except 1f throws. Record dummy Rufus divekicking as high as possible then holding up, block it and try to throw him with anything except reversal 720. Record him divekicking as high as possible then blocking, block it and try to punish with a 3f move.

Figured I’d register to post some useful information. Sorry for trying to actually help.

I haven’t tested it out in training mode, but I’ve hit some high ass dive kicks and just held downback after I landed and gotten DP’d. If you hit Sagat on the head with a DK and he blocks you’re for sure f’ed.

You either pressed a button or weren’t blocking, man. Sagats DP is 5 frames so it’s even less likely he’d be able to punish any blocked dive. Against Sagat since he’s so tall you’re probably -2 at the worst after a divekick so he could theoretically throw punish you with frame perfect timing. DP is out of the question though.

A situation against other characters could be crossing them up with a very high divekick where the extra distance from crossing them up adds enough air recovery to allow them to DP you if they have a 3 frame DP. These along with reversal 720s and frame perfect throws are very very very specific situations. In general blocked dives are nearly universally unpunishable.

Someone’s gonna have to win this argument gentlemen, so let’s see some video proof.

Unnecessary bump. But I’ll answer the above issues:

  • Regarding getting grabbed after divekick: It’s impossible. Even with landing lag (4 frames) you can tech any grab during these frames. You -can- do a rejump into divekick after a blocked divekick to avoid a grab. However, if you attempt to cl.st.LK after a high divekick their grab will outprioritize your normal.

  • Regarding Sagat: I’m not too sure, but I do know this

-After a jump, there are 4 landing frames where you cannot walk/dash/jump again.
-If you empty jump, you can block immediately upon landing (standing or crouching, no difference), or do an attack the instant you land.
-If you attack in the air, then you cannot block for the first 2 frames when you land, and can’t attack for all 4 landing frames.
-You can always tech throws that grab you during your landing frames.
-If you attack in air and then attempt to attack during your landing frames, the attack will be buffered and performed as soon as the landing frames are over.

Therefore, if Rufus attacks too high he can be put at variable disadvantage depending on how high he was when the divekick hit. Couple that with the 2 extra frames of landing lag and I don’t see it being too farfetched to have a punishable divekick by Sagat. I believe this has happened to me several times in the past as well where I would purposely try to do an early divekick on Sagat and bait an SRK by blocking only to have found myself hit anyway.