Divekick the new mk9?


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Hi!! i don’t know why u say this, because i’m also new to these forums and have very little experience in fighting games. Just want to Divekick :smiley:


I certainly hope not.

The game is certainly appealing to newcomers to the FGC with its low barrier to entry, but it also has the ability to be played at a competitive level as well.

Why do you think it may or may not be the next MK9?


What do you mean? You could at least explain what your talking about if your gonna start a topic.


did they seriously have to make this games own section with character sub sections xD I knew srk was a joke but come on.


MK9 is slow. Dive kick is fast.



This complaint is old. If you don’t like the game don’t visit the forum section.


No because these two games share almost nothing in common


I’m just gonna ignore the topic and say that Divekick’s importance will be that of helping newcomers to fighting games. Divekick is all about fundamentals.


I honestly don’t see how this is the case. Being played at a competitive level typically means that the players have a grasp on the deeper mechanics of the game. Do we know what the deeper mechanics of Divekick are? It’s hard to imagine it’s more than either tricking the opponent, or grabbing an opportunity. And those are 2 strategies that I’m sure any new player will know within the first 15 minutes of play. And even if you throw in the special abilities that can done, you still don’t have more than any new player can comprehend.

I’m not trying to put the game down, but there is a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it. I want to know if there is some truth to the hype. Right now it looks really fun, but it doesn’t look like there is any depth to it. I am hoping for the best, but I’m pretty skeptical based on what I’ve seen.


First off, let me start by thanking you for logically stating your question instead of randomly flaming like most people who dislike the game do.

I believe Divekick is wonderfully deep. Upon my first few times playing it at PAX East, I saw it for what most people do now: a game that may be fun for a few matches but something that would ultimately dwindle into the same repetitive matches over and over. As I kept playing and speaking with the developers (Keits, in particular) it was then I started to realize how much more there was underneathe the surface. Spacing and reactions are important, and yes, these can be picked-up fairly quickly, but there is still more to learn as well including what to do (and what not to do) in certain scenarios, learning about safe movements and attacks, recognizing patterns in your opponents’ playstyle, and making smart reads with all of this information you’re now able to gather.

Will Divekick ever achieve the same level of complexity and understanding as Namco/Capcom/other fighters? I, myself, personally doubt it at this point. However, many new players are turned off by these games because of the large amount of time and dedication required to execute some of their basic maneuvers. How long did it take the average player to finally pull-off FADC U1 back in 09 when SF4 launched? It took me forever! Many of my friends who I tried to get into fighting games cited these “advanced combos” as a sole reason for their eventual abandoment. With this execution barrier effectively “gone” players can finally start enjoying and learning other aspects of the game that they may not exactly plan on learning. These tools that they pick up will transfer seamlessly into other fighting games, and hopefully if Divekick piques their interest, they

TL;DR - Divekick has many values that can be honed and transferred to other fighting games. Will it ever become as competitive or complex as the other games? Who knows? But there’s definitely a reason why the same players were making the same Top 8s in all the Divekick tournies.


lo thanks, I think it’s in poor taste to flame any game, because there is always someone that likes it for reasons that I don’t understand. And I hate it when people flame the games I like as well, so it would be illogical to flame other games.

I was on the fence with Divekick, but I think you’ve convinced me that it’s worth the $10. I was worried that it would be more of a novelty game that I would play for a day and abandon. But then I also have the opposite concern, that the game will become super popular, Capcom will make their own version of it, and then we’ll see that as the next evolution of fighters lol


is this supposed to be an insult to MK9 and divekick? stop that. the FGC is one community. if you dont like a game, thats fine, but dont disrespect the players.


Implying MK9 can’t be played at a competitive lvl…