Divekick - The One True Game - Out now on Steam/PS3/Vita BUY IT


I played for a while and enjoyed the hell out of it, but then I encountered a terrible error when trying to connect to a lobby that required me to log off. I was stuck on the loading screen, and I couldn’t alt-tab or task manager out of it. I was literally only able to restart or log-off to solve the problem. This is a serious issue, and I hope the fix it very soon.


I’m loving this. The match-ups are killing me in this game. I’m trying to solo The Baz but Dr.Shoals keeps owning me. Anyone with a really horizontal kick is giving me problems. Am I supposed to use The Baz’s ground special in anticipation of a kick? That start-up is really getting in the way of me using it as a reactionary move.

That sound glitch that happens for Jefailey’s kick charge and Kenny’s Spirit Bullet are still in the PS3 version.


So stoked to tear into this this weekend.

Thank you, Iron Galaxy.


Any plans on the OST? I would like to get my hands on some of the tracks in this game.


Is there somewhere with a quick breakdown of each characters skills and angles?


Hmm… should we move this into the new Divekick section, or keep it here on FGD?


I’ll put up a Please Enjoy the New Divekick Section! sticky tomorrow when I’m awake, and move the DK threads there then. =]

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I found a bug in the PS3 version. While the game is paused, if a controller shuts off and you turn it on again, it unpauses the game with the pause menu still on the screen. You can’t control the characters in this state, and the timer is active. This occurs when player 1 pauses the game and player 2’s controller shuts off. Haven’t tried the reverse, but I assume the same thing occurs.

I’m planning on making character tutorials. Nothing in-depth, but angles is one of the things I want to show.


I made my first tutorial for Divekick, check it out and give feedback


So I don’t know why I have a disconnect % when I’ve never disconnected. Just now, my opponent disconnected after he won the match, and somehow I got a 16% disconnect rate.


Really looking forward to more tutorials. It seems a good way for me to decide what character to play without necessarily having to play them all.


Thanks. I’m participating in the Giant Bomb tournament, so I won’t be doing any more tutorials until it’s over.


Best of luck!


Watch out for a player named Warturtle16 on PSN. I think he’s using rapid fire or something because the only thing he does is repeatedly dive and kick with no variations.


Is he a Kick player? I’ve come across him a few times. I’m positive he’s AFK(AFC?). He just has dive and kick constantly on autofire and held down because when I come across him in ranked his “READY” notifier keeps going in and out and he picks his character, gem and duds with no delay. Also he does Party Starter as soon as he gets it for no reason. I assume he gets random wins from this.


He was using Dive the few times I fought him.


I just got matched with him in Ranked. He picked Kick, but he actually waited for me to pick The Baz first(he thinks it’s a counter match?). Then it went like how I said. He got one round on me because his kick connected before my lightning reached him. After that I just started doing horizontal lightning from kickback to kill him as he jumps.

I got matched with him again and he dropped on me. The game froze and I had to quit the game, which gave me a loss and increased my disconnect to 1%… I think I’m going to avoid Ranked now.


Same happened to me, ran into him twice and its at 4% now.


I had a match where, according to the game, I got kicked from the lobby (it was a ranked match), but it gave me a loss and increased my disconnect%. Come on now.


I seriously cant even get a ranked match to show up, i choose ranked and it just sits there searching. I pull out my phone and browse the internet hoping to get a match, but it never comes. I think I have 5 total matches on ranked.

In unranked its better, but still takes a bit to find a match, but when I do, the people are really cool and will rematch a bunch of times, I think I have like 60 or so matches in unranked so far.