Divekick Tutorial Videos


I’m hoping to get together some tutorial vids for each character once Divekick releases. What I’d like to know from you guys is what you’d like to see in these videos. What are you hoping to learn with the character of your choice? What do you want to improve upon if you’ve already played the game? What questions do you have if you’ve never touched the game before and want to get a headstart on day one?

There’s plenty to discuss that isn’t obvious such as spacing, advice on how to advance/hold ground/retreat, character matchups, etc.


One thing that I would love to see in action would be a quick demonstration of how the gems affect that character; that is, you would show the regular dive and kick, then the dive with dive gem and the kick with kick gem. If you wanted to be fancy, you could show both the regular and gem-enhanced dive/kick in split-screen side-by-side.


Yo we need to see each character’s special moves and examples of how they are best used. Talk about the character’s kick angles and how high they can dive. Also give suggestions for which gems work best for each character. We need overall strategies for each character based on there strengths and weaknesses. We also need match up examples especially the hard match ups and what can be done to overcome these bad match ups. Spacing!!! yes this is key in this game please include. Pretty much cover it all and we will enjoy!!! thoroughly. This game has much more to than it would seem at first glance.