DIY Arcade Stick HELP n00b

Guys i need major help trying to attempt my first arcade stick for xbox 360, need some suggestions before buying parts.

I will be using this shell and use a wired controller xbox PCB, i will put sanwa 30mm buttons in there. The wiring from the buttons to the xbox 360 pcb should be straight forward but for the joystick i’m not sure as i will be using a sanwa.

Does the sanwa joystick need microswitches to solder from the joystick to board/pcb?

Should i buy a joystick with microswitches?

which one should i get :wonder:

Any help and suggestions will be awesome :lovin:

You know, there’s a lot of threads that you could post this in, a lot of resources you could figure this out from, and a lot of other things you could do other than hitting the ‘new post’ button.

thanks my brother i have used the search function so i hit the “new post” button big woop … u gona kill me now shhhhhhhesh

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OK, theres a sticky and a search button for a reason, so the boards dont get flooded with the same fucking question a million times a day.

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thanks for the site info im going to order some buttons even tho thyre at rape prices.

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Buy the JLF, its the most commenly used stick out there, if you have problems with it you can ask other members and get a straight answer.

It’s idiots like you who give new members a bad name. :lame:

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“Should i buy a joystick with microswitches?”= quality.

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but the answer is the JLF… now read the rules and noob threads before thinking about posting again please…