DIY Cthulhu board


Is it possible to produce something similar to a Cthulhu board yourself from scratch?

how did Toodles do it? are there schematics out there?


just buy one from toodles lol.


Yeah, I was going to say something sarcastic, but then I realized that if he was brave enough to post this that he more than likely had the skills to do so. Godspeed little doodle.


Granted anything is possible, but seeing as how Toodles is like a resident tech support guy/nice guy/already an established seller here there is a such thing as **TOE STEPPING **I would say you might want to look elsewhere on that one. No offense dude but you might find yourself in the same shoes as Toodles one day if you do get a product up and running.


Silly question. If I did, then wouldn’t the possibility be confirmed?

Two glasses of fresh squeezed kitten juice for breakfast. Makes all the difference.

Tons. And lots of information about how consoles communicate. Hop to it, but of course it’d be awesome if you made headway in the consoles I haven’t gotten to yet, like 360 and Dreamcast.


I think thats awesome others are trying to develop other stuff too! wish i had a brain to help out though :confused:


i think its differnt if your intending on mass producing the product or if your just making them for personal use and its a project.

i mean, the final results probably wont look near as good but its about building it yourself, i made my own ps3 wireless adapter (using ffc cable and connector and soldering the wires on) just because i wanted to make my own (and doesn’t look anywhere near as nice /need to buy a project box)

anyways gl if you intend to make one but i think it will be harder than you expect.


That would be such a glorious day.


I got $5 that says it is intended for mass producing, and that the OP is an alt login for someone else registered here.

For personal use? Nah. If they wanted to save money and build it themselves, the unassembled kits are pretty damn cheap.

Just wanted to understand how it works and have the pride of DIY? Then the UPCB project is way to go. Schematics, source code, part numbers, even the Gerber files for having your own boards fabbed, all available. There are a number of folks now getting their own boards produced and offering kits, and it uses all through-hole parts so making your own on a piece of protoboard is very doable, and how I did the very first one.

Do they already have the skills to do so? Nah, the question is worded all wrong for that to be the case.


aww man you dont know how many ppl would buy that


This isn’t an alt login, it is a legitimate question.

I’m very interested in mass-producing boards to supply the community with custom arcade sticks. I’m in possession of a high-end woodwork factory through my family and it has very significant excess capacity due to the downturn.

I personally do not have the skills to develop something like the Chulthu board on my own, but I think I know the right people. However, I don’t want to step on any toes in here and was basically teasing out the situation.

My idea is to provide the community and the public with high-end custom sticks, whereby a customer can choose their own wood, buttons, stick, artwork etc.

I’m going to create a few sticks in the near future to show you guys the quality and to maybe judge demand.

Toodles, I value and respect your work, so I have no intention of stepping on your toes here. Do you currently supply the boards to anyone for commercial purposes? Using your board is obviously the easiest option, but initial costing tells me that they would have significant impact upon margins. Unless we can do a deal on a bulk order that is. :stuck_out_tongue:


i know… you’d sell thousands.


The way i see it, this is a comunity product developed by someone who put his heart and soul into it.

I sincerely respect Toodles for making something as awesome as the Cthulhu board, if my TE stick doesn’t come through at the end of this month i might be buying two of his boards as making 2 sticks myself would only be 50,- more expensive as buying 1 Madcrapz TE stick.

But if you wanted to make something as Toodles his board you have to study micro-electronics i think?
Designing PCB’s and such, writing PIC’s and who knows what else?

Mad props to Toodles.


Little OT, but here’s again the opportunity to thanks toodles. He opens all his docs about the UPCB and due to this it was possible to study his work and even publish a batch of 30 UPCBs in local comunity in europe. The UPCB is a real success story for open source in my eyes.


You can save a bit of money on the cthulhu by buying the kit and doing the soldering yourself



Considering Norris Arcade Sticks stock of blank cases typically sold out in minutes, maybe you could just think about making and selling high-quality cases. You know, since you already have the material/facilities/knowledge for woodworking and wouldn’t require you to awkwardly ask how to pirate IP from a respected SRK member.


What’s up with the security on those 360 controllers anyway? Can you give us any details on how it works? I’ve taken a couple classes on encryption methods, who knows, maybe I could be of assistance somehow.


he never said or implied he wanted to pirate any IP



If 14$ that the chtuhla costs will eat into your profit margin I don’t see this being much of a money making venture. You have to look at it like this. Most people who would want a custom stick know alot about this industry. They probably have the skill to assemble a stick if they have the parts. You can’t make the stick or buttons & it is cost & skill prohibitive to make your own PCB. So the only thing you are actually creating is the case. The time it takes to assemble a stick isn’t rally worth what it pays. The only thing I see fesable is making just the cases & selling those cuz most people don’t have the tools. Even then there isn’t much money in it. Ask any of the custom builders on here & see what Lind of scratch they are pullin. I bet it ain’t much.


No, he just asked if there was a cheap way for him to duplicate Chtulu PCBs without doing any of the work involved himself.

Don’t be so obtuse.