DIY FightStick Help: Are All Joystick Mounting Configurations Standard?


HI, I’m making plans to build my own fightstick out of wood, and I don’t want the Joystick mounting bolts to be visible from the top of the case. I figured I could do this if I fabricate an internal mount with (something like) a bolt nut glued into it the so that the joystick can be bolted and unbolted to the case from the inside (a little like how IKEA furniture can be screwed together with a bolt that screws into a nut embedded in the wood, as opposed to a screw which would chew up the wood over time).

Simply put, my question is are Joystick mount-hole-positions standard across all the Joystick manufacturers? Or would I have to incorporate more then four bolt positions so that I can install Joysticks from different manufacturers? My goal is to potentially mount the entire range of Joystick manufacturers WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE NEW HOLES in the case, should I decide to swap out different Joysticks from different manufacturers?

Or is there even such thing as a pre-drilled universal internal mounting bracket somewhere I can buy?

Thank You Shoryuken.


There are universal adaptor plates available but I am not sure which ones you can mount with them.
Most notable sticks use the japanese Sanwa style mount which is common in most Hori and Mad Catz higher end sticks. Happ/iL use different holes but I cannot speak about the hole needed for the stick.
The main problem is when people want to mount Korean sticks into Japanese joysticks.

You will not be able to mount all sticks without some issues with others. Or atleast having a big ass hole for a fanta. best solution is if you are making a fight stick yourself, make it so the Top panel can be removed and make multiple, one for Sanwa and JP sticks, one for Korean, one for Happ/iL

My 2c, I am no expert, just my learnings.


They are not all standard. I would wait until you have your stick in hand and mount based on that pattern. Incidentally, that is a terrible plan. Drill your bolts all the way through and counter sink the top for a flush mount. Stronger and will be invisible once you add art. Your plan will certainly fail, and fairly quickly I would imagine.


@niku13‌ Great link. That was extremely helpful. I’ll just have to commit the case to a limited diversity of sticks. No big loss. Big Thanks.

@chananigans I won’t be adding art, I will be have an epoxy coated veneer with inlaid veneer graphics. It shouldn’t fail because I’m an full grown adult, who doesn’t just imagine things anymore.


Pretty much just Sanwa, Seimitsu, and the new J-mounted Crowns.


Ya a “universal” would be clutch. Do you know where I can find them?


Nailed it! THANKS GUYS!


You still need to drill through the top to mount this plate on. Glue won’t work. You counter sink the top holes, you can patch the holes if needed. I’ve made a bunch of cases and would never consider glueing the mounting the mounting plate.