DIY: Happ Perfect 360 Joystick on XBOX 360

Thanks for the info on the Toodles board. We did this on a Sunday, and the only place open at 7pm was Radio Shack and the resistors were the only thing available for us to finish up the stick.

I will say that I’m not sure of the Toodles board would really make any difference at all. There’s literally ZERO lag with these resistors.

We just added a video to the post for anyone that’s interested:

Well I think the main benefit of the Toodles method is longevity and reliability over time.


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Here’s a version of the page through the wayback machine. I’ll probably be consulting this when I get to building my own custom stick. Maybe somebody could e-mail Mr. Chow and ask if they could host a mirror of this old page?

Im having a great deal of trouble with this right now. My buttons work fine, but no go on the p360 stick.

If anyone can tell me exactly what to buy and how to wire it to work on a xbox360 wired controller, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I don’t understand this thread.

I used one of them shitty madcatz atari looking sticks for the PCB which has common ground and wired it normally using the bumpers (not triggers) for Fierce and Roundhouse. It has an obvious +5 volt on the PCB for powering the P360. This is in a triple PCB setup.

You can find the diagram to that PCB online. +5 should be the red wire on xbox360 PCBs in general. Considering they use the USB standard.

I can get power to the stick but it doesnt want to function right. Ive tried hooking it up regularly and all kinds of other configurations but I dont think it can work without additional parts. I have no idea how to wire relays or analog IC’s (I dont even know what these are or do).

Should I just ditch the official controller pcb and go pick up a mad catz? At least i saved the original controller parts and can put it back together.

The only time I got it to respond at all was when I would hold a direction, and on release to the neutral position - the direction would recognize. Not the best way to play games.

Has anyone else done this

Has anyone followed this tutorial and had success?

I just got the whole stick wired up last night and found this thread while looking for something to solve the P360 issues I was having.

I went out today and picked up the relays and will be trying to hook them in as described in the link later this week.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has attempted this and found an alternate means to the same end, or even used this method with success?


Just so that nobody is confused. I just built a stick using this method (with the relays) and it works perfectly.

albert_c’s post has me confused. Are the relays not needed on the madcatz pad for some reason?

having problems a week after finishing the build. The character moves to the right uncontrollably. If i use the stick it works perfectly until I engage it in the right direction, but then once i do that (the first time) the right direction stays engaged until i unplug the controller or tap the box relatively hard. But, once i plug the controller back in, or move the stick to the right again it goes right back to being stuck. I think one of the relays is bad.

If the MadCatz controllers dont require relays then I definitely recommend them over the microsoft option.

Does anyone have a working link to the instructions?

Toodles, I have a Happ 360 that i’m trying to set up for Xbox 360. For the most part I follow what you’re saying. I don’t think the relays are necessary, but I get a little lost. Can I set it up so that the only additional component I need between the Xbox controller PCB and the Happ 360 is a hex inverter? I would wire the 5v and ground from the PCB to both the inverter and the Happ 360. Then I would wire up, down, left, right from the D pad on the PCB through the the inverter to the the inputs on the joystick.

Is it as simple as that or am i missing something?

I’ve tried this but again am getting problems but then that is Blog Stuff new there as there seems to be evryone else is also having problems!

So what i was wondering was had anyone actually got it working at all??

This may be the wrong place to post this, but this solution may apply to my stick.

I am using a p360 with a pelican ps3 board. This board has no common ground as far as I can tell. I have leads soldered onto this board for all of the directions as well as a ground that will activate these directions. When I connect my 5v, the above mentioned ground, and any directional lead the p360 spams this direction.

My questions are as follows:

  • Is this a common trait of a pcb w/o a common ground when using an optical joystick?

  • Why is this different when you do have a common ground? What is causing the p360 to activate when its sensors are not being triggered?

  • Will the solution in this thread fix this problem?

A side question I have is where can you get a Wico P360 joystick?

It seems like the P360s that are sold now are different quality (lesser quality, see following thread). The springs are also crazy stiff.

I think the reasons above (availability, breaking internal parts, hard spring) plus cost and difficulty in installation are causing more people to go towards the iL Competition stick. I gotta say, the iL Competition stick is pretty good or better, esp. for Marvel. I don’t think the benefits of p360 (no click, durability?, smoothness) are worth it anymore.

Following up on my previous post - this arrangement doesn’t work (see picture).

I tried giving the p360 a battery pack power source, but it didnt work. On the other hand, I would get a random roundhouse while not touching anything on the pcb.

any updates on how to do this correctly?

I am dying to get this done

please help anyone :china:

Can someone help me I’m trying to do this but I don’t get where the wires go on the relay.

fock the relays! i thinks thats for that un common ground pcb.

i got a madcatz common ground pcb and just directly hooked it up to the 5 volts and shitt is cherry. EASY PIE! :bgrin:

i just finished THREE dual mod sticks (dreamcast and xbox 360)