DIY HitBox (Stickless) construction Help +more


Two Questions:

First: SF4 sucked me in for PC and it feels like there is no going back. I can afford a new HitBox, but I would love to build one myself, if I may. So far, I’ve been to to see the parts list. I’ve also found a few good youtube videos that make it look easy. That said, I’m here to ask if there are any really good/well known resources & references out there that may help me completely ground my understanding. …and if you’d like to add any good tips off the cuff or personal recommendations regardless, then I would be grateful.

Second: I’ve been playing SF4 on a keyboard, and its a real birthday cake. At first I was interested in a madcatz fightstick until I found out about the stickless fight pads. After a good amount of pipe smoking and pouring over videos of the HitBox in action/techniques/ect. I believe that going stickless will make me happy, however I’d love to for you to throw up any red flags or point out any BIG fundamental flaws in stickless gameplay that I may have not already become aware of given my lack of experience with the whole range of games within the fighting genre; which can’t wait to explore, by the way, tits.

Thank you Sensei.

Edit: Just found this, and its great.


You’re going to want SOCD (simultaneous opposing cardinal direction) cleaning with a hitbox. The Cthulhu and PS360 both have out of the box SOCD cleaning (update the firmware on either), or you could add the device found here ( ) to any other pcb.

Personally, if I were building a hitbox for PC, I’d use the Cthulhu (cheaper and more reliable than the PS360) in a Panzer case with the ErgoStick button layout ( ).

If you want to use a Hitbox, it would be better to learn on one than to learn on a stick and make the transition.


One small problem that I had when i switched to HitBox was that I liked to rest my hands on my movement buttons. The main problem with that was the Sanwa 24MM buttons would always trigger by accident, so I bought game finger buttons with blue switches because I’m used to the activation point which is about halfway down. Also if your looking for a case try Tek-Innovations case (what I did Link:Here) or the Panzer case (Link in post above).

The Tek cases have a lot of custom options so you can make it look how you want it to and surprisingly its pretty sturdy (I’ve dropped it more than a few times).


I would have agree

I too think if you haven’t used a stick and wanted to try hitbox, I would go right for it, since you wouldn’t have to unlearn the whole down is down thing.

Also I feel Tek cases are supreme for hitboxes because they don’t need to be heavy at all since you dont move them around.

Although definately a panzer for any sort of fight stick.

GG 50 lb case.

ORRRRR if you really wanted to go Camacho style, throw down a Panzer Ergo Wide Body LOL!


that’s the exact build I was thinking of doing (just need to save up more money). I will probably also get someone to add in an Xbox One PCB so that I can play Killer Instinct. When I make mine, I’m going to have a WASD direction button layout in addition to the signature hitbox up button. take a look:

Originally I was planning on modding my (MC Cthulhu) TE-S into a hitbox, but I think I’ve decided to just build a new one and keep both (just in case I have a random urge to use stick again)


On these hitboxes, what is the lowermost button used for? I’ve also seen some setups with seemingly only 3 directional buttons, what applications are these for?


Jump is the bottom button other 3 is left down right





Btw, I happen to be an ex-pro cabinet (furniture) maker. I plan on building a case, and am actually toying with the idea of perhaps making and selling them. If I pumped out some (seriously) sexy cases at a competitive price, how fast do you think people would gobble them up?