DIY play-n-charge kit?

I need to build one. Or at least make something like it for a wireless xbox 360 stick. It’s annoying to have to open it whenever I need to change batteries. Does anyone know of a pinout or schematic or something? My xbox sticks are gonna get a LOT more play time now that SF4 is out.

You’re better off buying one. There are IC’s and other parts inside and in all honesty isn’t worth your hassle. If it were possible, it’ll probably cost you more in parts than if you bought the proper thing.

There are cheaper 3rd party P&C kits you could use too.

oh. alright, thanks, i’m gonna do some googling and searching. I thought it was just some sort of cable.

I wish it was, there is a small circuit board in there that controls the charge and turns off when the battery is full - or something like that. :wgrin:

That moronic, it should really be built into the controller itself.

Def just buy one.

I’m going to go wireless with my next stick, but part of the design will be mounting the controller’s battery cradle to the side or underside of the case.