DIY Plexi? Anyone ever try?


I love arthong’s plexi panels, but want to mod a TE stick now, dont want to wait and buy one from him since he’s got a lot to do for the holiday season now and is overloaded.

Anyone ever try cutting their own? I’ve cut tons of plastics with xacto knives and dremels before and I’m willing to try. I just bought this off Polycarbonate Sheet, Clear, 0.030" Thick, 12" Width, 24" Length: Industrial & Scientific

It is thinner than arthong’s plexi, but with all the good reviews I’m willing to try and xacto/dremel it.

If anyone can find anything EVEN thinner, paper thin but durable, I’d be willing to try too. I’m looking for something that can be xacto’d out like cutting artwork. Something like cardstock thickness, but clear plastic that holds shape and wont warp. I’ve seen tons of plastic like this used in folders and binders, but nothing in sheet form that fits the TE stick.

Wish me luck with what I bought.


It’s definitely possible. I built an entire case out of lexan (which is IMO the best material to work with.) You can get it at home depot or lowes.

Shop LEXAN 28" x 30" Clear Polycarbonate Sheet at

It cuts with an xacto knife but is also bulletproof! 250x stronger than glass. 0.093" thick. Polycarb (I believe) is only around 20x. Drilling was easy and painless. Keep the protective layer on, and use masking tape when drilling, and you should be good to go. The hardest part may be the curves. I would recommend making a wooden template if you can. Or i guess you could try and use your metal panel from the TE. That would work too.

Just something else to consider.


I ordered a 18x24 sheet, I plan to use about half of it for practice until I get good results, then hope the actual good piece turns out fine.

My plan is to use the metal plate from the TE case and use it as my template and just hit it 10000 times with a xacto knife, if that doesnt turn out good, I’ll go get a hole cutter attachment for my electric drill.