DIY Wireless Arcade Stick


Hi all,
thank you for all the tons of info in this forum!!!

I want to make a DIY Arcade Stick starting from a PS3 DualShock 3, using a kind of AXISdapter to link to SANWA OBSF-30 buttons and a JLF-TP stick.

My first idea is to buy:
1 JLF-TP-8YT joystick (25 euro)
10 OBSF-30 (23 euro)
and an AXISdapter (15 euro?)

but I cannot be able to find the AXISdapter on the web at a reasonable price!

If I can not find the AXISdapter I could buy an used Tekken 6 arcade stick wireless for 40€ from a friend.

Then I saw some reviews on youtube about SILENT SANWA components (stick and buttons) but it seems to me very expensive (stick is about 75$)

can you give me some advice on the purchase of that components?
can you tell me where I can buy the AXISdapter or a similar adapter?
Is Tekken 6 arcade stick quite simple to mod with sanwa components?

Thanks to all for your advice in advance!


Not really, also the Tekken 6 wireless controller has issues with lag and drop inputs.

Although you have to deal with overseas shipping Paradise Arcade Shop has a alternative to the Silent Sanwa JLF by selling a kit that converts a regular JLF to be silent using the same switches at a much lower cost.


Thank you, Darksakul, for the infos

how much does customs fees (on average) for a sanwa stick + 10 buttons?


Talk to Gummo, he might have a PCB he builds called a Axis adapter. It Converts a six axis PCB to common ground which is what you have to do. It also allows for a dual mod with a 360 pcb. Also you’ll just have to such it up and buy a six axis controller Sony only makes DS3 now, and the axis adapter requires a Sixaxis pcb, Dual shock 3 won’t work with it.
I used an axis adapter on a hori I have and it works great.


I saw the image of the joypad assembled by him but I have seen several resistances that are necessary. Axisdapter adapter that I had found online was much easier to assemble and did not require additional welding but do not know why it is no longer available for sale anywhere!

I saw a video on YouTube here:

It seems very simple to assemble, isn’t it?


The axis adapter I got from Gummo only had had to be soldered to the Sixaxis pcb at two obvious points. Didn’t have to deal with any resistors at all.


What you think the link I dropped is for?


AXISDapter can be purchased from Toodles at
It comes in kit form so you will have to solder the two resisters, screw terminals, and 20pin ribbon connector onto the pcb. If all you want is wireless ps3 then this will be your best choice.

The board I make is called the Leo board and essentially does the same job but done as a common ground setup (so you could use the sixaxis in a dual mod). The board is sold pre-assembled.


Thanks but his shipping and handling charge are crazy: 24$ to ship an AXISdapter to Italy! :frowning:

Sorry what do you mean for dual mod?
what advantages do I have?


With a Leo board, sixaxis controller, and a wireless 360 controller you could make a dual wireless stick. You only want a ps3 setup so you won’t gain any advantage using a Leo board.

The reason the shipping is so expensive is because the shipping calc is doing Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box which is actually that expensive. You can check out the USPS site to see for yourself.


thank you very much! :wink:


Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box does cost a bit.
It is also the most reliable way to ship Internationally.


I can buy a Qanba q1 QB-P3GHR for 35 euro…
To use for experimental purpose (read as mod)

I read that is very easy to mod, isn’t it?

From the Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box is the only possible way to delivery a parcel to Italy :frowning: