DIY XBox 360 Arcade Stick

Just thought you might be interested in the XBox 360 Arcade Controller I built recently. It uses a painted original XBox 360 case, wired controller, arcade parts and a few other assortments. All of the buttons on the 360 controller are used and the analog thumb sticks have also been retained. Some of the more unusual and interesting features include LED rumble, functional front USB ports (USB 2.0 hub soldered inside) and the original power button re purposed as the XBox guide button.


A full overview is available at

Nice, you should also post that stick on here

Really cool. Do the thumb sticks not get in the way of your right hand in certain positions? Usb pass-through is a pretty cool touch.

Thanks for the comment. I’ve added my stick to that post as well.

Cheers! Nah it doesn’t, I installed the thumb sticks after drilling the holes for the buttons and joystick so I could play around with the layout and prevent them from getting in the way of things. That turned out to be the best position where you could use it like a traditional arcade stick and forget about them or use one or both with your thumbs while your fingers have button access.

Did you remove the thin metal panel underneath the top? I was recommended to leave it there for accurate spacing of the jlf, but It’s tricky to drill through.

Why is your shaft so looooong? :nono:

The plastic he mounted it on is like 3mm thick.

I just kept the metal housing in the base and both plastic sides. Everything else was removed.

Yep, they’re usually mounted to a thicker material like MDF or ply wood. Enjoyed the borderline dodgy comment :smiley: