DIZeLAN Frag Center 3on3 Results!


1st - Team YJDK (Alex Valle, Mike Watson, Ken I)
2nd - Team R.U.N. (Combofiend, Dash, SIN)
3rd - Team Black Money (Mike Ross, Keno, Jack)
4th - Filipino Champ Team
5th - Team Shglbmx
5th - Team Coyote
7th - Team BAS
7th - Team Monterey Park

Last night was a success guys! It was hot, sweaty, fun, crazy and intense! LOL (no hom0) There was so much skill and surprises in the house. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and was so friendly. I got to meet all the big names and they were so down to earth and energetic. Thanks to all who showed up and participated. We will have future events and sorry about the A.C guys =/ We will fix that :bgrin:

p.s DJ Vest i hate your soul… :bgrin:


taken from tournament announcement thread.


i would also like to hear thoughts about this, as

#1) this is 40% of the pot, which is HUGE
#2) this was never announced on tournament thread, so doing it at the tournament seems shady as fuck.


Im sorry I wasn’t aware of any of this so I cant answer that question. You’d have to ask DIZeLAN Slayer about it.



:lame::lame: =[


40% house fee =\


40% ??? lol thats just Bullshit …


Can you post the whole ranking of the tournament form 1st place t o last place? Thanks!


lol@ not knowing who was on team R.U.N. the blanka player was DASH and only the highest placing person at EVO in the room, aka SIN, the old yet sick ass beast was the rufus player. not gonna shit on this venue anymore until i hear from the original person who posted tourney thread though. it was all good fun… till payouts were issued…


Congrats top 3. 40% of the entry fee taken though without even telling anyone before hand? :lame: Glad I didn’t go after hearing that.

Who wants to bet we’ll get the “Oh sorry, tournaments cost money and we assumed it was expected.” and the “Now we know, we’ll make the next one bigger and better, promise!”.


and on another note, so this guy pauses by accident at the beginning of the round, i say play it out, no prob. tourney “judge” says nope, you gotta take it. i then in turn say “dude, just play it out” tourney judge says you HAVE to take the round… for future issues let the players figure it out, if everything can be worked out by the players there is no need to step in. judges are there to settle issues if anything argument comes about. and good shit on the venue fees again, pz.


That sucks for gettin them hidden fee’s. You guys should of talk to them about that. Congrats though to Team YJDK.


That 40% was actually the taco fee…


oh snaps! good shit dash!


good shit placers

how was the lag on the setups


videos from the tourney




thats why at the start we asked teams we played if a accidental pause happens we want to play it out and most agreed:cool:

then everyone should of got a mystery TACO TICKET i was curious on how to get those cause I paid for my tacos:lame:

Cause SF4 is in high demand people are looking for a quick buck, I heard of fine print but that is printed SOMEWHERE this I just good old fashion ROBBERY:shake:

Unfortunately I had fun:chat:


other than the 40 percent robbery
it was pretty fun
my first big tournament and i got to see a lot of big name players


I had fun, the only problem I think was that it was stuffy as hell… lol

Oh and what up Mike Watts, I would have said something but every time I looked, you were busy playing, haha


i really had fun at the tournament representing fei long !! XD!!! im happy to see that i got some casuals with some big names and other players in itself. it was a long night but it was hella fun, other than surge of heat from the building lol it was tight. thanks for the casuals guys who ever played me !!


Fun tournament. Wish it was during the day but whatever. As for the $4 venue fee, owner, you better damn well explain yourself unless you want to end up on the Tournament Promoters to Avoid list.