Dizzy Avatar Request


As the title says. ( premuim member so can go up to 48. kilobytes )

Go ahead and be as creative as you want, as long as you use the following pic as the backgroud plz with my name in it.


fuck i cant find this sprite anywehre, does anyone have the dizzy sprite when she wins, she faints and the angel catches her?


bump :sad:


here you go


yes! thanks i needed that sprite! now if someone could make me a av with the sprite and background i posted, with my name somewhere that would rock my socks. #reload.



If you want, I can make an animated one with whatever costume color you want, tomarrow. And if you want a border, I could add one of those, too.


Animated? Any color? sick ! Could you use the costume with red wings plz? ( posted )

also, animted? coolness , i love what i see so far :karate:

also, borders? what do you mean? i dont know what that is lol sry im dumb ;-;

once again xenozip is the man, mc freakus.




that avatar is beautiful. :tup:



Thanks. I like yours, too. It’s got a lot of style.


Why ty. It’s Lakers Blanka. :pleased:


Awesome bro, dizzy 4 life, thanks mc freakus