Dizzy button combinations


anyone know any button combination to get out the dizzy span quick that one of the reason i get killed in capcom vs snk 2


um, just spam all the buttons and rock the stick back and forth.

You may want to check out Buktooth’s system guide on gamefaqs.com, as some characters have a harder time coming out of dizzy than others. Some characters recover from dizzy slower than other, and some characters recover really fast like Geese.


I don’t know exactly how the system works for dizzies.

However, if you grab someone with Blanka (HP), you can get 10 bites just by rotating the stick furiously. There’s no need to push any buttons. Of course, this is only possible if the opponent (try the CPU) does not mash back. My theory is that each direction counts as an input. I can rotate the stick and get a bunch of inputs that way much more efficiently than I can with pressing buttons.

That’s just me, though…some people are better at pushing buttons. Of course, I do both, but I “concentrate” more on rotating the stick when I’m grabbing someone with a multi hit grab, while my right hand kinda just grazes the buttons in a sweeping motion.

I’m thinking it’s the same idea for getting out of dizzies. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.


As for getting out of dizzies, once you get dizzied, the length of the dizzy is randomly selected from a few possible numbers in frames in cvs2. And the moment you get the stars/chicks above your head (as you’re being knocked down because of the dizzy) that’s the earliest you can start mashing to get out of the dizzies faster.

The mashing in mid-dizzy works like this. Every directional input deducts 2 frames from the previously determined random-selected dizzy length, and every button press deducts 1 frame from it. So the best way to mash to get out of dizzies is to wiggle the stick from upback to downforward and mash all 6 buttons. This was considered to be the best way to mash by GGXX players to get out of Slayer’s dash grab combo in #Reload as well, although I think shaking back and forth is safer for almost all the capcom fighters since you won’t get an accidental jump if you did successfully mash out of the dizzy. The GGXX guys did upback deliberately so that if they get out of the stun they might also jump out of the next grab at the same time.

I know I’m correct about the length of dizzies, but it’s possible that I might be writing down the dizzy mashing frame data from a different game so somebody confirm this shit.


Wov i didn’t think getting out of dizzy was involving tech :slight_smile:
I just try not to destroy the namco stick with my hardcore mashing :smiley:


Your comment on stick inputs counting for two, and button inputs counting for 1, is right outta Buktooth’s System FAQ.
So confirmed.

Although, this would fall under the category, if you’re new, read the stickies… so this thread should probably be deleted…why did I post here again? lol
On a side note though, I do not believe hitting the buttons does anything for staggers in Guilty Gear, only wiggling the stick does. Although it did help a bit to mash on the buttons for the 10 hit grand viper…