Dizzy is a terrible fighting game mechanic

I am serious, I see no benifet to having it. so heres a situation. we got a somewhat new player to the street fighter universe, he goes online and ends up getting his but kicked. he gets a dizzy, and the more experienced player is guaranteed victory.

and right there Capcom you have discouraged a newcomer to the game. dizzy is essentially a punishment to the player for getting hit to many times… now by that logic, the player who got dizzy is getting double the punishment he needs. its already bad enough that he lost all that health from getting hit so many times, but now the other player is being guaranteed victory? there are so many rounds of Street fighter that I thought I could come back from, but couldn’t because I was suddenly dizzied and thus allowing my opponent to activate his Ultra without worry.

can anyone here prove to me how Dizzy is a good thing in fighting games? imo, it should be removed and never seen or heard from again in the fighting game community.

Inb4 /thread.
Man up. Dizzy is an important mechanic that builds pressure, and at the top end, hype. It rewards a player for consistent offence, punishes anyone who thinks they can simply block and back dash into a little safety bubble and, to an extent, is used by the devs as a balance mechanic, alongside health (though the effectiveness of this is hotly disputed). If you don’t like it, learn your matchups.

Ps, you should try Third Strike. Alex had a super that created insta-dizzy. Was awesome.

Well maybe new players should learn to block then.

Agreed, actually, though probably for different reasons.

I don’t like dizzy because I don’t like anything that needs crazy Marvel mashing. Crazy Marvel mashing hurts my pathetic girly hands and damages my sexy sticks/pads.

it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind and I don’t care to “prove” an opinion to you. I think people who like dizzy mechanics like that it incentivizes resets and different types of punishments. if you hate dizzy so much you might reconsider playing akuma

I’m new to the game so I don’t understand the meta that deeply, but I kinda agree. I don’t understand punishing someone for getting hit a lot. Like…isn’t getting hit punishment for getting hit?

Like I said I don’t know a lot about SF, I’m sure it’s a good mechanic but it always struck me as odd.

I agree with that. My family members thought I was angry at the game when I tried to mash out of stun once but I digress.

As to the OP, if you hate getting stunned, then that means you offense and defense need some work because decent offense and defense will keep you from being stunned.

I see it as the game telling you “STOP GETTING HIT AND THROW A PUNCH BACK!!!”. Remember, in real life, taking a few good punches in a fight is bound to make you dizzy.

Normaly I would agree, but Akuma is one of the few characters that don’t feel stiff, or confined.

maybe pro’s should learn to block then, cause even Diago gets hit a lot, and dizzied occasionally. I know how to block and so do beginners, its just hard to deal with heavy mixups and mind games at times. everyone can agree with that.

I see it as the game telling you****** “STOP GETTING HIT AND THROW A PUNCH BACK!!!”. ******Remember, in real life, taking a few good punches in a fight is bound to make you dizzy.

I would, but I happen to be unable to move.

How about you ask “how do I get dizzied less?” rather than condemning a common fighting game feature and comparing yourself to Daigo? The reason Pherai advised against Akuma is because he has a significantly low Stun factor (850, I think the lowest since Ultra), meaning he gets dizzied faster and for less than other characters.
Most of the big-bodied characters have a Stun Factor of around 1100 and most of the shoto’s (exclusing Akuma and Evil Ryu) are around the 1000 mark. So if you want a shoto and you’re a learner that’s getting stunned to hell, a more solid shoto like Ryu, Ken or Sagat might be a better place to go until you learn to defend effectively.

Blocking is one thing, but if you’re getting stunned, you’re either not pushing enough buttons, or pushing too many buttons. If you’re mashing while you’re blocking, you’re getting hit, if you’re crouch blocking and getting jumped on you’re getting hit, if you’re blocking but not punishing, you’re waiting to get hit and eventually a mixup is going to get in. Blocking isn’t invincible. In a lot of other fighters, you’ll actually get stunned for blocking too much too. So start evaluating your opponent; what is he hitting you with? Where on the screen is he standing? Are you walking into stuff, or is he rushing you down? Is there a particular move he’s using to break in every time? Chances are you’re falling short somewhere, and consistently if you keep getting stunned, so start paying attention to what’s causing it, rather than blaming it on Capcom.

If you want a game without dizzies, check out Garou:Mark Of The Wolves.

It’s good mechanic. It adds variety to moves like Zangief’s headbutt or Alex’s stun gun, but I don’t like the way the have it usf4. My problem is how hard it is to stun somebody in this game. One throw tech and a back dash/jump and their practically out of the woods. Throw a fireball, they’ll jump over it. Jump in, get anti-air’d. I never got to play it, but when I watch third strike, both players look like their trying to kill each other, but in this game its normally one person chasing after the other. I find that instead of making it so i have to chase people less, the stun mechanic just gives me another reason to chase them down.

Dizzy is there to make you stop and think, block, and look for an opportunity. You said ‘I know how to block and so do beginners’ but it’s knowing when to block that’s important.

With most games and characters, you won’t be dizzy for eating one combo. More likely that you made the wrong choice several times in a row. So dizzy is just feedback that you just royally screwed up.

Also it was already mentioned, but being easily stunned is part of Akuma’s character design. You are giving up health and stun bar for stronger mobility and offensive tools than most of the other characters have.

that’s how it’s supposed to be

Some developers agree.

Necro does mad stun as well. He hits you with a combo and smacks you once after your ass is stunned. Not to mention the lightning. Also if you get stunned enough to develop an opinion that it is garbage, you need to level up and quit getting stunned. I’ve been stunned maybe 3 times the whole last month in a half across SF4 and Third Strike. Get your shit together.

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If you’re getting stunned to the point that you made a thread here about how much you hate the dizzy mechanic, then no, you don’t know how to block.

Tl;dr 9/10 beginners don’t know how to block.