is there some sort of secret to dizzying, it seems that everyone gets a ton of them on me but i never pull any off, i maybe get 1 every 10 matches, but ive played against ppl that get at least 2 a match, it puts me at a huge disadvantage.


The secret to stop yourself from getting dizzied is to stop getting hit. In all Street Fighter games when you hold back during your opponent’s attack he does a move called “Blocking.” “Blocking” prevents your chracter from receieving damage and your dizzy bar going up, amazing isn’t it?


is there anyone on this board who isnt a fucking retard that wants to answer?


He did answer your question. In order to prevent being dizzy, you gotta block alot. If you ever download a match of the professional, you often see their guard meter blinks, which means they block until their guard meter get exausted. You can try to go to training against a 8 stars computer to practice your block, thats what I did when I first started playing.

anyway, hope that helps


Really man, seriously, there is a move called “blocking” that you have to use to stop yourself from getting dizzied… Maybe if you did not suck so badly at the game you could accomplish this.


yea defintly, if youre geting dizied twice a match, that means youre geting owned.
also are your opponents doing combos on you? cause that dizzys you faster than regular hits. If they are comboing you, watch and see how they start the combo… find out how to stop thair combo chain from starting you have done a great thing. I would guess these guys are proly jumping in on you, so duck and throw a firerce or do a upercut (anti air) … :: shrugs :: try that.


Every character has an invisible ‘dizzy gauge’, ranging from 60 points to 80 points. The gauge fills up according to how much damage you take, and when it fills up entirely, you get dizzy. If you don’t let your opponent touch you for about 5 seconds (and that includes blocking attacks), your dizzy meter resets back to zero.

For example, Sagat fierces you in the head, which results in 16 stun points. 4 seconds later, you block a standing short from Sagat. 4 seconds after that, he hits you with another standing fierce. Your current dizzy gauge is at 32 points. If your character is somebody fragile like say, Morrigan, 2 more fierces from Sagat will put you at 64 dizzy points and you’ll get dizzy. To get your dizzy points back to zero, you have to avoid getting hit by Sagat AND avoid blocking anything from Sagat for 5 seconds.

There are a few exceptions. Most throws and a few scattered special mvoes don’t continue the dizzy gauge and instead act as if you were never touched.


ok, now that was helpfull. its nice to see how ppl think i suck just cuz i get dizzied, i would think im doing pretty good seeing that ive only been playing for like a month, and for about 2 weeks seriously, and i can take out ppl in the top 100 on xbox live (which is also a reason i dont get blocks off as well as i could, half the time when i stand up and duck low i still get tripped =P). does this dizzy meter have anything to do with actually going down? i find the people that dizzy me go alot of weak hits and i stay up for a long time, while i use ppl like zangeif and my usually only takes around 3 hits before hitting the floor.
also by twice a match i mean twice every time i go through 3 characters, not per round, incase thats what you thought. its not like everyone dizzies me alot just that ive played a few ppl lately that did it.

" it seems that everyone gets a ton of them on me but i never pull any off"

this was prolly misleading, i posted that after i lost like 3 matches in a row where i was owning the guy then he pulls off a dizzy then a level 3/2 on me… was a little pissed and might have exagerated a wee bit


perhaps you are getting mixed up too much. i.e. when they jump in u expect to block high but you block low, you thought a jump in was a cross up etc.